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French phrases for communication and social media

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In today’s digital age, social media has become a significant part of our communication habits. For those learning French, knowing some key phrases can make interacting on various platforms an enriching experience. Whether you’re commenting on a post, sending messages, or just trying to be social in French, it’s useful to have a set of phrases at your disposal. Below are some French phrases that can help you navigate the world of communication and social media.

Bonjour – “Hello.”
A friendly and casual greeting useful for starting any kind of conversation.
Bonjour! Comment ça va?

Ça va? – “How’s it going?”
An informal way to inquire about someone’s well-being, ideal for casual chats.
Salut, ça va?

Quoi de neuf? – “What’s new?”
A colloquial way to ask someone if there’s anything new in their life.
Salut! Quoi de neuf depuis la dernière fois?

Je suis d’accord – “I agree.”
Express your agreement with someone’s opinion or statement.
Je suis d’accord avec toi, c’est une bonne idée.

Pas d’accord – “I disagree.”
A straightforward way to express disagreement or different opinion.
Je suis pas d’accord, je pense qu’il a tort.

Pouvez-vous répéter, s’il vous plaît? – “Can you repeat, please?”
A polite request for repetition if you didn’t catch what was said.
Pouvez-vous répéter, s’il vous plaît? Je n’ai pas compris.

Je ne comprends pas – “I don’t understand.”
When a message or post is confusing, use this to communicate your difficulty in understanding.
Désolé, je ne comprends pas ce que tu veux dire.

C’est cool! – “That’s cool!”
An expression of enthusiasm or approval, perfect for reacting to interesting content.
C’est cool! J’aime beaucoup cette photo.

C’est dommage – “That’s a shame.”
Express disappointment or sympathy when reacting to less than favorable news.
C’est dommage que tu ne puisses pas venir à la fête.

LOL – “Laughing out loud.”
Used just like in English to indicate something is funny in text message or online.
Il a dit quoi? LOL!

À plus tard! – “See you later!”
A common way to sign off on a conversation when you expect to talk again soon.
Ok, je dois y aller. À plus tard!

Aime – “Like” (verb).
To express that you enjoy or approve of a post or comment on social media.
J’aime ton poste sur les voyages.

Partager – “Share.”
To distribute or repost content on social media platforms.
Tu peux partager la vidéo, s’il te plaît?

Commenter – “Comment.”
Engage with a post by leaving your thoughts or reactions.
Je vais commenter sous ta photo pour te donner mon avis.

Abonné – “Subscriber/Follower.”
Someone who follows your content on social media.
J’ai atteint 1000 abonnés sur mon profil Instagram!

By incorporating these phrases into your repertoire, you’ll be better equipped to converse with French speakers online and off. Remember, practicing these phrases within the context of actual conversations will greatly improve your fluency and confidence in using the French language, especially on dynamic platforms such as social media. Bonne chance et bonnes communications!

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