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Finnish words for the nature enthusiast

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If you are a nature lover with a keen interest in learning Finnish, delving into the language’s rich vocabulary for the natural world will be a rewarding experience. Finland, known as ‘the land of a thousand lakes’, is a country steeped in natural beauty, which is deeply reflected in its language. Here’s a collection of Finnish words that will help you engage with nature while practicing your Finnish.

This word means “nature” and refers to the natural world and the outdoors. It embodies everything from the vast Finnish forests to the archipelagos along the coast.

Kun kuljimme metsässä, luonto ympärillämme oli henkeäsalpaavan kaunis.

“Metsä” translates to “forest,” which is one of the most significant elements of the Finnish landscape. Over 70% of Finland is covered with these beautiful woodlands.

Metsässä käveleminen rauhoittaa mieleni.

Finland is famously called “the land of a thousand lakes,” and “järvi” is the Finnish word for “lake”. The country actually boasts nearly 200,000 lakes!

Uimme järven kirkkaassa vedessä koko iltapäivän.

“Laakso” means “valley,” a low area of land between hills or mountains, often with a river running through it.

Laakson poikki virtaava joki on täynnä lohia.

“Vuori” is the word for “mountain” or “hill”. While Finland is not known for particularly high mountains, it does have a range of hills and fells, especially in Lapland.

Kesällä voimme patikoida vuorelle ja ihailla maisemaa.

Flowers, or “kukka” in Finnish, are found throughout the country’s varied landscapes, from woodlands to alpine areas.

Kukat puutarhassa tuoksuvat ihanilta.

This translates to “rapids” or “whitewater” and refers to a part of a river where the water is moving very quickly, often over rocks.

Koskessa kajakointi on jännittävää ja hauskaa.

Puro means “stream” or “creek” and is a smaller body of flowing water, often feeding into a larger stream or a lake.

Olemme rakentamassa pienen sillan puron yli.

“Ranta” refers to the “shore” or “beach” of a lake, sea, or any other body of water. It’s where Finns love to spend their sunny summer days.

Ranta oli täynnä auringonpalvojia tänään.

“Aarniometsä” is an ancient or primeval forest, largely untouched by human activities, where the ecosystem has been preserved in its natural state.

Aarniometsä on kuin astuisi toiseen maailmaan, jossa luonto hallitsee.

Learning these words can form the basis of some truly engaging conversations while exploring Finland’s enchanting vistas. Whether you’re talking about the metsä you hiked through, the järvi you swam in, or the koski you navigated, you’ll find that having a few handy words can significantly enhance your connection to Finnish nature. As you explore more of what Finland has to offer, you’ll find even more specialized vocabulary that reflects the deep relationship Finns have with their natural surroundings. Pack these words with you on your journey and enjoy the full Finnish nature experience – in every sense of the word.

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