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Finnish slang and youth language

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When diving into Finnish youth language, you’ll find a vibrant and dynamic dialect filled with slang terms that are continuously evolving. Here’s a look at some cool Finnish slang words and phrases popular among the younger generation.

This is probably one of the most common slang greetings in Finnish, equivalent to “hi” or “hello”. It’s casual and used among friends.
Moro! Mitä kuuluu?

A colloquial way to say “chance” or “opportunity”, often used in the context of being lucky or having the possibility to do something.
Onko mulla tsänssi voittaa?

Short for “salibandy”, which is the Finnish word for floorball, a popular sport in Finland.
Lähetkö säbä treeneihin tänään?

The Finnish slang term for a hangover. This is a word you might hear after a night out with friends.
Onpa kauhea darra eilisen jälkeen.

Meaning “small” or “tiny”, it can be used to describe anything from objects to the amount of something.
Voisitko antaa mulle vaan snadin palan?

An abbreviation of “läppäri”, which means laptop in Finnish. It’s the go-to word for technology whizzes and school-goers alike.
Unohdin lägän kotiin, voinko käyttää sun?

Borrowed from English, “chill” has become a part of young Finnish vernacular meaning to relax or hang out.
Vois chillata tänään ja kattoa elokuvia.

Another loan from English, “lit” has found its way into Finnish slang. It’s used to describe something that’s amazing or exciting.
Tämä biisi on niin lit!

Literally meaning “to reset” or “zero out”, it’s often used metaphorically to mean calming down or taking it easy after a stressful situation.
Pitää vähän nollata loman aikana.

To party or to have a good time. A very common term used when young people talk about going out.
Mennäänkö bailaamaan tänään?

This term refers to an apartment or flat. Used when discussing living situations or planning a get-together.
Voitais järkkää leffailta mun boksissa.

A Finnish term for a burst of energy or a hyperactive mood, often used when someone is acting goofy or overly excited.
Sillä on taas hepuli, ei pysy paikallaan hetkeäkään.

Finnish slang and youth language is a fusion of traditional Finnish, borrowed words from English, and inventive new terms. As with any living language, these words and phrases are always in flux, reflecting the culture and attitudes of Finnish youth. For anyone learning Finnish, getting acquainted with slang can be an entertaining way to feel more connected to native speakers and to pick up on the nuances of everyday conversation.

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