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Fashion and Apparel Terms in Belarusian

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Fashion and clothing are not only essential parts of everyday life but also a medium of self-expression and cultural identity. If you find yourself shopping or discussing fashion in Belarus, knowing some key fashion and apparel terms in Belarusian could be incredibly beneficial. Here’s a curated list of some common terms that will help you navigate the fashion scene and expand your Belarusian vocabulary.

Адзенне (adzennie) – Clothing or Apparel
In Belarusian, the word for clothing encompasses all types of apparel, from formal wear to casual outfits.
Я люблю носіць зручнае адзенне ў летні перыяд.

Кашуля (kashulya) – Shirt
A basic item in everyone’s wardrobe; the Belarusian term for shirt is “кашуля”.
Ці магу я памерыць гэтую сінюю кашулю?

Штаны (shtany) – Pants
Whether they’re jeans, slacks, or trousers, “штаны” refers to pants in Belarusian.
Мае новыя штаны выглядаюць вельмі стыльна.

Сукенка (sukyenka) – Dress
For those occasions when you want to wear something special, “сукенка” translates to dress.
Яна апранула чырвоны летнюю сукенку на вяселле.

Куртка (kurtka) – Jacket
A “куртка” will keep you warm during Belarus’s colder months.
Мне трэба новая куртка на зіму.

Абутак (abutak) – Footwear
The term “абутак” covers all types of footwear, from sneakers to high heels.
Чырвоныя туфлі – гэта мой любімы абутак.

Шапка (shapka) – Hat
To protect yourself from the sun or the cold, “шапка” is the word used for hat in Belarusian.
Калі холадна, не забудзьцеся надзець шапку.

Светрак (svetrak) – Sweater
A “светрак” is perfect for layering and staying cozy.
Ты шукаеш светрак? У мяне ёсць адзін у сінім колеры.

Плашч (plashch) – Coat
When the Belarusian weather gets particularly chilly, a “плашч” is essential.
Я надзену свой новы плашч, бо на вуліцы зусім халадна.

Бюстгальтар (byusthaltar) – Bra
Undergarments like “бюстгальтар” are fundamental to any attire.
Ці ёсць у вашым краме бюстгальтары на маі параметры?

Аксэсуары (aksesuary) – Accessories
“Аксэсуары” can be any additional items you wear to enhance an outfit, such as jewelry, belts, and scarves.
Дадайце некаторыя аксэсуары, каб ваш адзенне выглядала камплектна.

These essential fashion and apparel terms in Belarusian will not just help you during shopping trips but will also allow you to engage in conversations about clothing with native speakers. Expanding your vocabulary is a stylish way to deepen your understanding of Belarusian culture and traditions. Enjoy dressing up and remember, each new word is an accessory to your language repertoire!

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