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Expressions of Politeness in Azerbaijani

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Politeness is an essential aspect of communication in every culture. In Azerbaijani language, there is a special set of expressions that convey respect and courtesy. Grasping these expressions can make a significant difference in the way you interact with Azerbaijani speakers. Here are some must-know expressions of politeness in Azerbaijani and how to use them:

Zəhmət olmasa
This expression means “if it’s not too much trouble” or “please.” Use it when you’re asking someone to do something for you in a polite way.

Zəhmət olmasa, qapını bağlaya bilərsiniz? (Please, could you close the door?)

Təşəkkür edirəm
This is the Azerbaijani way of saying “thank you.” It’s a versatile phrase that fits most situations where gratitude is appropriate.

Köməyiniz üçün təşəkkür edirəm. (Thank you for your help.)

“Buyurun” is used when inviting someone to proceed with an action, similar to saying “here you go” or “please.” You can use it when handing something to someone or inviting them in.

Buyurun, oturun. (Please, take a seat.)

Üzr istəyirəm
To apologize or to say “excuse me,” use “üzr istəyirəm.” It’s suitable both for getting someone’s attention and for expressing regret for a mistake.

Üzr istəyirəm, bir sualım var. (Excuse me, I have a question.)

Xahiş edirəm
When you want to say “you’re welcome” in response to a thank you, use “xahiş edirəm.” It shows that you were happy to help.

Təşəkkür edirəm! – Xahiş edirəm. (Thank you! – You’re welcome.)

Similar to “üzr istəyirəm,” “bağışlayın” is another way to say “excuse me” or “sorry.” Use it when you want to be excused for an interruption or a minor inconvenience caused.

Bağışlayın, qarşıda avtobus dayanacağı haradadır? (Excuse me, where is the bus stop ahead?)

Səbirli olun
If you’re asking someone to be patient, say “səbirli olun.” It’s a polite way to ask for understanding if something is taking longer than expected.

Biraz səbirli olun, zənginizi cavablandıracağam. (Please be patient, I will answer your call.)

Salamlamaq is the act of greeting someone. In Azerbaijani, there are various greetings, depending on the time of day and formality.

Günaydın, necəsiz? (Good morning, how are you?)

Xoş gördük
When you want to express that you are pleased to meet someone, say “xoş gördük,” which translates to “pleased to meet you.”

Xoş gördük, mən Elşənəm. (Pleased to meet you, my name is Elşan.)

Incorporating these expressions into your daily use of Azerbaijani will undoubtedly enhance your speaking abilities and help you leave a positive impression on your interlocutors. Being polite is not just about using the right words; it’s a reflection of your respect for the culture and the people you’re communicating with. Keep practicing, and you’ll soon find these phrases becoming a natural part of your conversations in Azerbaijani.

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