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Which language do you want to learn?

Expressions for Praise and Encouragement in Ukrainian

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Learning a new language isn’t just about mastering its grammar and expanding your vocabulary; it’s also about understanding the cultural nuances reflected in colloquial expressions. In Ukrainian culture, providing words of encouragement and praise can go a long way in making friends, strengthening relationships, and fostering a positive environment. Here is a list of phrases in Ukrainian you can use to cheer someone on or show your admiration.

Молодець (Molodets) – Well done! This word is used to commend someone for their good work or success.
Ти завжди вчасно здаєш проєкти, молодець!

Чудово (Chudovo) – Wonderful! This expression is used to praise someone or something that is very pleasing or done very well.
Ти так гарно співаєш, чудово!

Браво (Bravo) – Bravo! Borrowed from Italian but commonly used in Ukrainian to express approval, especially after a performance.
Ваш виступ був прекрасний, браво!

Ти кращий (Ty krashchy) – You’re the best! A way of showing someone they are unparalleled in what they do.
Я знаю, що ти можеш це зробити, ти кращий!

Так тримати (Tak trymaty) – Keep it up! Used to encourage someone to continue doing the good work they have been doing.
Ти чудово прогресуєш, так тримати!

Супер (Super) – Super! An exclamation showing enthusiasm and approval for someone’s efforts or achievements.
Твоя нова робота виглядає супер!

Ти зможеш (Ty zmozhysh) – You can do it! An encouraging phrase to show someone you believe in their capabilities.
Це великий виклик, але я в тебе вірю, ти зможеш!

Я пишаюся тобою (Ya pyshayusya toboyu) – I am proud of you. To express a high level of satisfaction and pride in someone’s achievements.
Ти так багато досягнув, я пишаюся тобою.

Неймовірно (Neimovirno) – Incredible! To show that you find something hard to believe due to its awesomeness.
Ти виграв третій раз поспіль, неймовірно!

Відмінно (Vidminno) – Excellent! Used to signify that something is done in an outstanding manner.
Твоє есе відмінно написане!

Using these expressions of praise and encouragement can greatly enrich your Ukrainian language skills and also contribute positively to the lives of those you communicate with. So next time you find yourself impressed by someone’s efforts or want to offer your support, try out some of these phrases and see the magic they create!

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