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Dutch vocabulary for fitness and wellness

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Learning a new language opens the door to experiencing a culture on a much deeper level, especially when it comes to health and physical wellbeing. As you embark on your Dutch language journey, whether you plan to visit a gym in Amsterdam or practice yoga in Utrecht, knowing key vocabulary on fitness and wellness can be remarkably beneficial. Here’s a list of Dutch words and phrases to get you started, along with their definitions and examples of how they can be used in a sentence.

Definition: Fitness in Dutch is similar to English, and it refers to the state of being physically fit and healthy.
Ik ga vier keer per week naar de sportschool om mijn fitness te verbeteren.

Definition: Health. In a broad sense, gezondheid encompasses overall physical and mental well-being.
Gezondheid is belangrijker dan rijkdom.

Definition: Gym. The place where you work out and take part in fitness activities.
Na het werk ga ik altijd even naar de sportschool.

Definition: Muscle. This refers to the tissue in the body that can contract and produce movement.
Ik train mijn spieren om sterker te worden.

Definition: Workout. Like in English, a workout is a session of vigorous physical exercise or training.
Mijn ochtend workout geeft me energie voor de hele dag.

Definition: Running. The act of moving at a speed faster than a walk, on foot.
Ik doe elke zaterdagochtend aan hardlopen in het park.

Definition: Exercise. A physical activity or movement performed to improve health and fitness.
Deze oefening is goed voor je rugspieren.

Definition: Weight. This can refer to both body weight and the weights used for resistance training.
Ik probeer gewicht te verliezen door gezonder te eten en meer te bewegen.

Definition: Cardiovascular exercise. Activities that raise your heart rate and improve heart and lung function.
Ze doet elke dag dertig minuten cardio om haar conditie te verbeteren.

Definition: Strength training. The process of exercising with resistance to build muscle and strength.
Krachttraining is een belangrijk onderdeel van mijn fitnessroutine.

Definition: Yoga. A discipline that involves breath control, meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures for health and relaxation.
Ik volg een yogales om mijn flexibiliteit en mentale rust te verbeteren.

Definition: Diet. The kinds of food that a person habitually eats, typically considered in terms of its effect on health.
Ik ben begonnen met een vegetarisch dieet voor mijn gezondheid.

Definition: Relaxation. The process of making muscles less tense and reducing stress or anxiety.
Ontspanning na het sporten is heel belangrijk om spierpijn te voorkomen.

Definition: Hydration. The process of causing something, or someone, to absorb water.
Hydratatie is essentieel wanneer je veel zweet tijdens het sporten.

By familiarizing yourself with these Dutch terms, you can confidently navigate conversations about fitness and wellness, and perhaps even join a local gym or yoga class. Remember, understanding the local language not only helps you with practical day-to-day interactions but also immerses you more fully in the culture and lifestyle of the place you’re exploring. Happy learning and stay healthy!

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