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Dutch terms and phrases for describing accidents and emergencies

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Navigating through a Dutch-speaking region requires not just the basics of asking for directions or ordering food; it also means being prepared to describe and react in situations of accidents or emergencies. Here’s a list of essential Dutch vocabulary that can help in such scenarios:

This word means “accident.” It can refer to any type of mishap, from a minor slip to a major collision.
Ik zag een ernstig ongeluk op de snelweg.

This translates to “emergency.” The term is used in general for situations requiring urgent assistance.
Bel onmiddellijk 112 bij een noodgeval!

Just like in English, this term refers to the emergency vehicle used to transport patients in need of urgent medical care.
De ambulance arriveerde binnen vijf minuten na het bellen.

Eerste hulp
Meaning “first aid,” this phrase is crucial in situations where immediate medical attention is required.
We moeten eerste hulp verlenen, hij heeft zijn arm gebroken.

It means “fire.” This word is critical in alerting to the presence of flames or a fire outbreak.
Er is brand in het appartementencomplex!

This refers to a “collision” or “crash,” usually involving vehicles.
Er was een botsing tussen twee auto’s op het kruispunt.

A “wound” or “injury” sustained from an accident or violent incident.
De dokter behandelt de verwonding om infectie te voorkomen.

An international cry for “Help!” that’s the same in Dutch, an urgent plea in any emergency situation.
Help! Ik kan mijn sleutels nergens vinden na het ongeluk!

Refers to “rescue services,” organizations that provide emergency assistance and rescue operations.
De reddingsdienst was snel ter plaatse na de aardbeving.

The word for “police,” a critical service in cases of crime, accidents, and public safety concerns.
Bel de politie als je getuige bent van een overval.

This verb means “to free” or “to rescue,” especially from entrapment or confinement.
De brandweer moest de bestuurder bevrijden uit het wrak.

This noun refers to a “wounded person” or “injured person.”
Er zijn drie gewonden gevallen bij de explosie.

Meaning “poisoning,” this term is used when someone has ingested or been exposed to a toxic substance.
De dokter vermoedt dat het om een geval van vergiftiging gaat.

Specifically means “traffic accident.” It’s used when describing vehicular accidents on the road.
Na het verkeersongeval waren er lange files.

Uit de hand gelopen
A phrase meaning “out of control,” often used to describe situations that have escalated dangerously.
Het feest is uit de hand gelopen en nu is er politie nodig.

A verb meaning “to evacuate,” used in emergency scenarios where people need to leave a dangerous area.
Wegens de gaslek moeten we het gebouw onmiddellijk evacueren.

Knowing these terms equips you with the linguistic tools to better understand news reports, communicate with emergency services, and even provide or seek help in Dutch if the situation calls for it. Always remember that in an emergency, the most important word can simply be calling for “Help!” Keep these terms in mind and stay safe while you explore the Dutch-speaking world.

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