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Dutch slang terms for the social media savvy

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In the realm of social media, slang and informal language are as much a part of communication as emojis and hashtags. As you navigate the Dutch social media landscape, whether you’re tweeting, posting on Instagram, or chatting on WhatsApp, knowing the local slang can help you understand and engage more authentically.

Short for Instagram, “Insta” is universally used, but the Dutch often refer to it casually when discussing photo uploads or stories.
Heb je mijn nieuwe post al op Insta gezien?

Short for “Direct Message,” this term is used when talking about sending private messages on social media platforms.
Stuur me maar een DM met de details.

A Dutch adaptation of the English word “flex,” this means to show off, especially on social media about material possessions or experiences.
Hij is echt aan het flexen met zijn nieuwe auto op Snapchat.

This is an abbreviation for “sowieso,” which means “definitely” or “of course.” It is widespread in text messages and social media.
Sws ga ik naar dat feestje dit weekend!

Borrowed from the English, “chill” is a multipurpose term used to describe a relaxed situation or to agree with someone.
We kunnen bij mij thuis chillen.

This adjective means “thick,” but in slang, it can mean “cool” or “awesome,” often used to describe something impressive.
Dikke foto heb je daar geplaatst!

Equivalent to “cool” or “awesome,” “tof” is frequently used in online interactions to express approval or excitement.
Tof dat je weer begonnen bent met bloggen!

Derived from “WhatsApp,” this verb means to send someone a message through the WhatsApp messenger.
Kan je me de details appen?

This term comes from “Snapchat” and is used as a noun to refer to a picture or video sent through the app.
Heb je mijn laatste snap niet gezien?

Informally, “gieren” means to laugh loudly or find something hilarious; on social media, it’s often used for funny or comedic content.
Ik lig in een deuk, dat filmpje was echt om te gieren!

By integrating these slang terms into your Dutch vocabulary, you’ll not only sound more like a native speaker but also build closer connections with your Dutch-speaking friends online. Happy posting, flexen, and snappen on the social media landscape!

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