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Driving and Transportation Vocabulary in Belarusian

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Learning a new language often involves understanding the vocabulary associated with common activities, such as driving and transportation. If you’re learning Belarusian, getting familiar with the terms used in this context can be incredibly useful, especially if you plan to visit or live in Belarus. Below, we’ve compiled a list of essential driving and transportation-related words along with their definitions and an example sentence for each.

Аўтамабіль (Aŭtamabіl’) – Car
The word for ‘car’ is one of the first transportation-related terms you should learn.
Я купіў новы аўтамабіль.
(I bought a new car.)

Вадзіцель (Vadzіcеl’) – Driver
This term is used for someone who operates a vehicle.
Мой бацька быў прафесійным вадзіцелем.
(My father was a professional driver.)

Пешаход (Peshakhod) – Pedestrian
Pedestrians are people traveling on foot, especially in an area designed for walking.
Усе пешаходы чакалі зялёнага святла.
(All pedestrians waited for the green light.)

Дарога (Daroha) – Road
The surface on which cars, bikes, and pedestrians travel.
Трымаюць рэмонт на галоўнай дарозе.
(They’re repairing the main road.)

Светлафор (Svеtlafor) – Traffic Light
Signals used to control the flow of traffic at intersections.
Светлафор пераключыўся на чырвоны колер.
(The traffic light turned red.)

Штраф (Shtraf) – Fine
Money charged as a penalty for breaking traffic rules.
Я атрымаў штраф за перавышэнне хуткасці.
(I received a fine for speeding.)

Аўтобус (Aŭtobus) – Bus
A common form of public transportation.
Мы едзем ва аўтобусе да горада.
(We’re taking the bus to the city.)

Залізнічны вакзал (Zalіznіchny vakzal) – Train Station
Where trains stop to pick up and drop off passengers.
Я чакаю цябе каля залізнічнага вакзала.
(I’m waiting for you near the train station.)

Таксі (Taksі) – Taxi
A vehicle for hire with a driver, used by a single passenger or a small group of passengers.
Ці можаш замовіць мне таксі?
(Can you order a taxi for me?)

Веласіпед (Vеlasіped) – Bicycle
A manually-powered vehicle with two wheels.
Я еду на працу на веласіпедзе кожны дзень.
(I ride my bicycle to work every day.)

Рух (Rukh) – Traffic
The movement of vehicles on a road.
На дарозе сёння вялікі рух.
(There is heavy traffic on the road today.)

Паркоўка (Parkoŭka) – Parking lot
An area where cars can be parked.
Паркоўка напоўненая машынамі.
(The parking lot is full of cars.)

Азбенка (Azbеnka) – Sidewalk
A path alongside a road for pedestrians.
Не хадзіце па азбенцы на веласіпедзе!
(Do not ride your bicycle on the sidewalk!)

Жыхаровы паветраны перавозчык (Zhukharovy paveṭrany перавозчык) – Local Airline
A local airline transports passengers within the country.
Я забраніраваў палёт з жыхаровым паветраным перавозчыкам у Гомель.
(I booked a flight with the local airline to Gomel.)

Understanding these Belarusian terms will enrich your language skills and make traveling within Belarus much more manageable. Whether it’s negotiating with a taxi driver, finding the nearest parking lot, or simply observing traffic signs, knowledge of these words will help you navigate the roads and transportation networks like a local.

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