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Driving and Road-Related Terms in Azerbaijani

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Learning a new language often involves getting to know essential vocabulary related to everyday activities, one of which is driving. For those looking to learn Azerbaijani, understanding driving and road-related terms can be incredibly helpful, especially if you’re planning to visit or live in Azerbaijan. Here is a list of some commonly used terms:

Maşın – Car
This is the Azerbaijani word for a car, an essential term for anyone looking to navigate roads in Azerbaijan.
Mənim yeni maşınım çox rahatdır.

Yol – Road
The word for road, it’s used to describe any path or way that can be taken by a vehicle or pedestrian.
Bu yol şəhər mərkəzinə aparır.

Sürücü – Driver
This refers to the person who is operating the car or any other vehicle.
Sürücü sürət həddini aşmamalıdır.

Surət – Speed
Describes how fast the vehicle is moving.
Zəhmət olmasa, yolda surətinizi qaydaya uyğun saxlayın.

Sürət həddi – Speed limit
The maximum speed at which a vehicle may legally travel on a road.
Bu zolaqda sürət həddi saatda 50 kilometrdir.

Yol nişanları – Road signs
These are important for understanding traffic rules and directions.
Yol nişanlarına diqqətlə baxın ki, yanlış istiqamətə getməyəsiniz.

Semafor – Traffic light
These lights regulate the flow of vehicles and pedestrian traffic.
Semafor qırmızıya döndüyündə dayandım.

Yol kənarı – Roadside
Refers to the edge or side of the road, often used in the context of pulling over or when describing where something is located.
Avtobus yol kənarında dayanacaq.

Park etmək – To park
The action of stopping the vehicle and leaving it stationary.
Maşını park etmək üçün boş yer axtarırıq.

Piyada keçidi – Pedestrian crossing
A designated place for pedestrians to cross the road.
Piyada keçidində dayanıb, uşaqların keçməsini gözlədik.

Trafik – Traffic
Refers to the movement of vehicles on the road.
Səhər vaxtı trafik çox sıx olur.

Using these terms will help you get around more easily in Azerbaijan and assist you in understanding local driving laws and conventions. Azerbaijani, like any language, has its own nuances and expressions related to driving and road conditions, so learning these will be a valuable step in becoming comfortable with everyday conversations in the country.

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