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Dining and Food-Related Azerbaijani Vocabulary

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Learning a new language often involves getting familiar with culture-specific contexts, and there’s nothing quite as culturally immersive as food and dining. In this article, we’ll explore essential Azerbaijani vocabulary related to dining and food, which will not only add to your linguistic skills but also prepare you for the lively culinary scenes of Azerbaijan.

Taam (Food)
Literally translating to “food” in English, ‘taam’ is a generic term used for any type of edible substance in Azerbaijan.
Bu restoranda çox ləzzətli taam var. (There is very delicious food in this restaurant.)

Restoran (Restaurant)
Borrowed from many languages, ‘restoran’ stands for a dining establishment where prepared meals are served.
Restorana getmək istəyirsiniz? (Do you want to go to the restaurant?)

Menyu (Menu)
This is the list of dishes and beverages available to order in a restaurant.
Menyuda nələr var? (What’s on the menu?)

Toy (Banquet/Festive meal)
In Azerbaijani, ‘toy’ represents a large festive meal or a banquet, often associated with weddings or big celebrations.
Sənin toyunda necə yeməklər olacaq? (What kind of dishes will there be at your wedding banquet?)

Buğa (Steamed)
The term ‘buğa’ refers to foods that are steamed during the cooking process.
Səbzələr buğa ilə bişirilmişdir. (The vegetables are steamed.)

Xörək (Dish/Course)
‘Xörək’ denotes a specific dish or course served as part of a meal.
Bu günün əsas xörəki nədir? (What is today’s main dish?)

Desert (Dessert)
Similar to its English counterpart, ‘desert’ in Azerbaijani means the sweet course typically served at the end of a meal.
Desert olaraq nə var? (What is there for dessert?)

Düzəltmək (To prepare/cook)
The verb ‘düzəltmək’ is used to describe the action of preparing or cooking food.
Axşam yeməyi üçün nə düzəltmək istəyirsiniz? (What do you want to prepare for dinner?)

Açıq (Hungry)
Describing the feeling of hunger, ‘açıq’ is used when someone wants to express that they need to eat.
Çox açıqam, bir şeylər yeməliyik. (I’m very hungry, we should eat something.)

Tok (Full/Satiated)
Conversely, ‘tok’ denotes the sensation of being full or having eaten to satisfaction.
Çox yeməyiməliyəm, artıq tokam. (I shouldn’t eat much, I’m already full.)

İçki (Drink/Beverage)
‘Içki’ broadly encompasses both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Azerbaijani.
Mənə bir stəkan su və ya digər sərinlətici içki verin. (Give me a glass of water or another refreshing drink.)

Şərab (Wine)
The term ‘şərab’ is specific to wine and is a well-loved beverage in Azerbaijan, especially during meals.
Bu yeməyə hansı şərab yaxşı gedər? (Which wine goes well with this meal?)

Çörək (Bread)
‘Çörək’ refers to bread, an essential element of almost every meal in Azerbaijani cuisine.
Bu çörək çox təzə və ləzzətlidir. (This bread is very fresh and delicious.)

By integrating these food-related Azerbaijani words into your vocabulary, you will have a delectable array of expressions at your disposal, ideal for navigating restaurants, markets, and social gatherings with confidence. Enjoy your culinary adventure while communicating like a local the next time you are in Azerbaijan or simply dining at an Azerbaijani restaurant. Sağlığınıza! (To your health!)

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