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Which language do you want to learn?

Colors and Descriptions in Azerbaijani

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Language learning is an exciting adventure, and diving into the nuances of how to describe the world around us can not only enhance our vocabulary but also allow us to communicate with more precision. In this journey through Azerbaijani, let’s explore the richness of colors and descriptions that will help paint pictures with our words.

– White
The term “ağ” in Azerbaijani is used to describe something that is white in color, associated with purity, light, or snow.
Qar ağdır və soyuq.

Qara – Black
“Qara” refers to black, indicating objects that have the darkest color, due to the absence or complete absorption of light.
Onun çantası qaradır.

Göy – Blue
The color blue, known as “göy” in Azerbaijani, is reminiscent of the sky or the ocean, often associated with depth and stability.
Göy gözleri var.

Qırmızı – Red
“Qırmızı” indicates red, a color that symbolizes passion, love, or danger, and is often used to draw attention.
O, qırmızı gülü sevir.

Yaşıl – Green
Green, or “yaşıl”, in Azerbaijani, represents nature, growth, and fertility and can be soothing to the eyes.
Darıxlıqda yaşıl reng rahatlıq verir.

Sarı – Yellow
The vibrant color yellow, “sarı”, is associated with sunshine, happiness, and energy in Azerbaijani culture.
Sarı çiçəklər baharı xatırladır.

Göyərti – Greenery (Vegetation)
“Göyərti” is used to talk about greenery or vegetation, reflecting areas rich in plants and trees.
Göyərti ilə əhatə olunmuş parkda gəzmək gözəldi.

Parlaq – Bright
Something that is “parlaq” is bright, shining, or vivid, and stands out because of its light or color intensity.
Parlaq günəş xəz rayonunu işıqlandırır.

Mat – Dull/Matte
Conversely, “mat” describes an object that is dull, not shiny, or has a matte finish, often giving a more subdued appearance.
Mat rənglər vurğunluğu əks etdirir.

Tünd – Dark
The term “tünd” in Azerbaijani means dark, referring to a lack of light or something closer to black in shade.
Tünd göydə ulduzlar parlayır.

Boz – Grey
“Boz” defines the color grey, a neutral color often associated with dullness, depression, or bad weather.
Boz buludlar yağış gətirir.

Kəhrəba – Amber
“Kəhrəba”, or amber, is a golden-yellow color, generally referring to the fossilized tree resin with the same hue.
Kəhrəba rəngli yapraqlar payızı xatırladır.

Learning colors in Azerbaijani grants us the ability to observe and describe our surroundings with a local’s touch. Whether you’re trying to describe the deep göy of the Caspian Sea, the vibrant colors of Baku’s flower markets, or the beautiful yaşıl forests of Gabala, knowing these words enhances your experience and communication. Remember to practice using these colors and descriptions in context to firmly embed them in your memory. Happy learning, or as you would say in Azerbaijani, “Sağ olun, xoş təlimlər!”

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