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Which language do you want to learn?

Chinese Words for Various Occupations

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Learning a new language is not just about mastering grammar and pronunciation; expanding your vocabulary, especially in areas such as occupations, can significantly enhance your ability to communicate effectively. Today, we will delve into various Chinese words for occupations and their definitions to help you improve your Mandarin skills.

医生 (yī shēng)
This word stands for “doctor,” a professional who practices medicine and is involved in the promotion, maintenance, or restoration of health.
(I have a friend who is a doctor.)

教师 (jiào shī)
This is the Chinese term for “teacher,” an individual who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue.
(My sister is a teacher.)

律师 (lǜ shī)
The word means “lawyer,” a person who practices law, as an advocate, barrister, attorney, counselor, or solicitor.
(His dream is to become a lawyer.)

工程师 (gōng chéng shī)
This refers to an “engineer,” someone who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures.
(She is a talented electrical engineer.)

警察 (jǐng chá)
The Chinese word for “police officer,” an individual empowered to enforce the law and ensure public safety.
(My neighbor is a police officer.)

程序员 (chéng xù yuán)
The term used for “programmer,” a professional who writes computer software.
(My younger brother is a programmer.)

商人 (shāng rén)
Known as a “businessperson” or “merchant,” someone engaged in the purchase and sale of goods for profit.
(He is a successful businessperson.)

厨师 (chú shī)
The word for “chef,” a professional cook who is usually the head of a kitchen in a restaurant or hotel.
(The chef is preparing dinner.)

服务员 (fú wù yuán)
This translates to “waiter” or “waitress,” a person who waits on tables, as in a restaurant.
(The waiter will take you to your table shortly.)

建筑师 (jiàn zhù shī)
The term for “architect,” an individual who plans and designs buildings and oversees their construction.
(The architect is busy with his new project.)

艺术家 (yì shù jiā)
Known as “artist,” someone who creates art, such as paintings, sculptures, music, or literature.
(She is a talented artist.)

作家 (zuò jiā)
This word translates to “writer,” a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas.
(That writer’s novels are very enjoyable.)

Learning these words will help you navigate through a wide array of discussions about jobs and professions. Engage in conversations, use these terms in sentences, and you will find your Chinese language proficiency growing along with your cultural understanding of the working world in Chinese-speaking environments.

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