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Bosnian Terms for Navigating Public Transportation

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Navigating public transportation in Bosnia can be a breeze once you familiarize yourself with a handful of essential Bosnian terms. Whether you’re looking to catch a bus, board a tram, or hail a taxi, understanding these words will help you move around like a local.

The word ‘autobus’ refers to a bus. In Bosnia, buses are a common mode of public transportation, especially for longer distances between cities or less accessible areas.
Kada polazi sljedeći autobus za Sarajevo?

‘Stanica’ means a station or a stop. This term can refer to both bus and train stations, or stops along a route.
Na kojoj stanici moram izaći za muzej?

‘Tramvaj’ is the Bosnian word for tram. Trams are a common sight in cities like Sarajevo and provide a convenient way to travel short distances.
Koji tramvaj ide do Baščaršije?

A ‘karta’ is a ticket that you’ll need for boarding public transportation. It’s important to purchase your ticket before boarding to avoid fines.
Gdje mogu kupiti karta za tramvaj?

Red vožnje
‘Red vožnje’ refers to the timetable or schedule. Checking the ‘red vožnje’ is essential to find out when your bus or tram arrives or departs.
Možete li mi pokazati red vožnje za autobus br. 21?

Taksij/ Taxi
‘Taksij’, also known as ‘taxi’ in English, is a term for a cab. Taxis are widely available and can be hailed on the street or booked via phone or an app.
Koliko košta taksij do aerodroma?

‘Voz’ means train. For intercity travel, trains can offer scenic routes and comfortable journeys across the country.
Kada polazi sljedeći voz za Mostar?

Pretplatna karta
A ‘pretplatna karta’ is a pass or a season ticket, offering unlimited travel within a specified period, often used by regular commuters.
Da li mi se isplati uzeti pretplatna karta za mjesec dana?

The ‘kondukter’ is the conductor or ticket inspector. When on board, you might be asked to show your ticket to the ‘kondukter’.
Kondukter je upravo došao da provjeri karte.

‘Prijevoz’ refers to transportation or conveyance. This term encompasses all forms of public transit like buses, trams, and trains.
Koji prijevoz preporučujete za obilazak grada?

A ‘linija’ is a line or route that a bus, tram, or train follows. Knowing your ‘linija’ is crucial for reaching your destination properly.
Da li ova linija ide direktno do centra grada?

A ‘peron’ relates to a platform, such as those at a train or bus station. It’s the area where you wait for your transportation to arrive.
Na kojem peronu polazi autobus za Tuzlu?

‘Vozač’ is the driver of any vehicle. Whether you are taking a bus, tram, or taxi, you can refer to the person in control as the ‘vozač’.
Možete li zamoliti vozača da me obavijesti kada stignemo?

By mastering these basic Bosnian terms for public transportation, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the country’s cities and countryside. Don’t be afraid to practice these words with locals—they’ll likely appreciate your efforts and be willing to help you on your journey. Sretno! (Good luck!)

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