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Bosnian Educational and Academic Vocabulary

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When learning Bosnian, it’s essential to acquire vocabulary that is specific to educational and academic settings, whether you’re planning to study in Bosnia, attend academic conferences, or simply want to enhance your linguistic skills in this area. Here’s a selection of such vocabulary, complete with definitions and example sentences to help you understand the context in which these terms are typically used.

Meaning a university, an institution of higher education and research which awards academic degrees in various disciplines.
Kada završim srednju školu, želim studirati na Univerzitetu u Sarajevu.

Refers to a faculty or a specific department within a university.
Moj brat je profesor na Fakultetu političkih nauka.

This term means a lecture or an educational talk to an audience, especially students in a university.
Sljedeće predavanje će se fokusirati na temu globalnog zagrijavanja.

A seminar is generally a form of academic instruction, either at an academic institution or offered by a commercial or professional organization.
Prijavio sam se na seminar o savremenim metodama učenja.

Translation for conference, an event where researchers and professionals gather to present and discuss their work.
Učestvovao sam na međunarodnoj konferenciji o obnovljivim izvorima energije.

An exam or a formal test that assesses a student’s knowledge or proficiency in a certain subject.
Studenti moraju proći ispit iz matematike da bi nastavili sa studijama.

The term for a dissertation or a thesis, a substantial piece of academic writing based on original research, typically submitted as part of a doctoral degree.
Pišem disertaciju na temu uticaja medija na javno mišljenje.

Translates to a discussion or debate, especially one that constitutes an academic procedure.
Današnja rasprava biće posvećena književnim djelima Ive Andrića.

This is a scholarship, typically a financial grant for a student to further education.
Dobio sam stipendiju od Vlade za moje postdiplomske studije.

A study or an in-depth investigation and analysis of a subject or situation.
Objavljena je nova studija o efektima ishrane na zdravlje.

Curriculum, the set of courses, and their content, offered by a school or university.
Naša škola uvodi novi kurikulum za bolju pripremu studenata.

Meaning academic, it pertains to education, scholarship, institutions, or areas of study that place a strong emphasis on reading, writing, and reasoning.
Težim ka akademskoj karijeri u oblasti bioinženjeringa.

Known in English as a library, a place set up to allow people to borrow, read, or study books and other materials.
Proveo sam cijelo popodne u biblioteci pripremajući se za završni ispit.

Understanding and utilizing these Bosnian educational and academic terms will undoubtedly enrich your language capabilities and help you to navigate academic environments with greater ease. Keep practicing, and include these words in your conversations to solidify your grasp on them. As you continue to learn and engage with the Bosnian language, you’ll find that this specialized vocabulary becomes second nature, paving the way for meaningful academic interactions and opportunities.

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