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Which language do you want to learn?

Basic Words for Home and Household Items in Japanese

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Learning a new language can be an exhilarating and challenging experience. One of the most practical ways to start is by familiarizing yourself with essential vocabulary related to everyday life. In this case, we’re focusing on Japanese words that pertain to home and household items. By learning these foundational words, you’ll be well on your way to having conversations about your living space in Japanese.

家 (いえ) – Ie
Definition: Home or house.
Translation: My home is near the station.

部屋 (へや) – Heya
Definition: Room.
Translation: This room is very spacious, isn’t it?

台所 (だいどころ) – Daidokoro
Definition: Kitchen.
Translation: Mom is making dinner in the kitchen.

風呂 (ふろ) – Furo
Definition: Bath or bathroom.
Translation: I’m heating the bath.

トイレ – Toire
Definition: Toilet.
Translation: Where is the toilet?

寝室 (しんしつ) – Shinshitsu
Definition: Bedroom.
Translation: My bedroom is on the second floor.

リビングルーム – Ribingurūmu
Definition: Living room.
Translation: I’m watching TV in the living room.

家具 (かぐ) – Kagu
Definition: Furniture.
Translation: I bought new furniture.

ベッド – Beddo
Definition: Bed.
Translation: The new bed is comfortable.

机 (つくえ) – Tsukue
Definition: Desk.
Translation: There are a lot of books on the desk.

椅子 (いす) – Isu
Definition: Chair.
Translation: Please bring one more chair.

冷蔵庫 (れいぞうこ) – Reizouko
Definition: Refrigerator.
Translation: Is there milk in the refrigerator?

洗濯機 (せんたくき) – Sentakuki
Definition: Washing machine.
Translation: I’m in the middle of running the washing machine.

電子レンジ (でんしレンジ) – Denshi renji
Definition: Microwave oven.
Translation: Please warm up the rice in the microwave.

窓 (まど) – Mado
Definition: Window.
Translation: You can see a beautiful view from the window.

By starting with these basic home and household items in Japanese, you’ll begin to build the vocabulary necessary to describe your living space and daily home activities. The more you practice these words, the closer you’ll be to feeling confident in holding conversations about your home in Japanese. Remember to practice regularly, and don’t be afraid to use what you’ve learned in conversation with native speakers!

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