Which language do you want to learn?

Which language do you want to learn?

Basic Ukrainian Phrases for Beginners

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Learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you plan to travel to Ukraine, want to connect with Ukrainian friends, or are simply interested in learning another language, knowing some basic Ukrainian phrases can enhance your communication and cultural understanding. Here are some essential Ukrainian phrases for beginners, along with their definitions and usage in sentences.

Привіт (Pryvіt) – Hello
This is a standard greeting used any time of day.
Привіт, як справи? (Pryvit, yak spravy?) – Hello, how are you?

Дякую (Dyakuyu) – Thank you
This expression is a polite way to show gratitude.
Дякую за допомогу! (Dyakuyu za dopomohu!) – Thank you for your help!

Будь ласка (Bud’ laska) – Please or You’re welcome
It can be used when asking for something or as a polite response to thank you.
Можна мені це, будь ласка? (Mozhna meni tse, bud’ laska?) – Can I have this, please?

Так (Tak) – Yes
This word confirms or agrees with a statement or question.
Так, я розумію. (Tak, ya rozumiyu.) – Yes, I understand.

Ні (Ni) – No
Use this to deny, disagree, or respond negatively.
Ні, я не хочу цього. (Ni, ya ne khochu ts’oho.) – No, I don’t want that.

Вибачте (Vybachte) – Excuse me or Sorry
A polite phrase for attracting attention or apologizing.
Вибачте, де туалет? (Vybachte, de tualet?) – Excuse me, where is the bathroom?

Як справи? (Yak spravy?) – How are you?
A common way to inquire about someone’s well-being.
Привіт, як справи? (Pryvit, yak spravy?) – Hello, how are you?

Добре (Dobre) – Good or Well
A simple way to express that you’re fine or that something is good.
У мене все добре, дякую. (U mene vse dobre, dyakuyu.) – I’m good, thank you.

Як вас звати? (Yak vas zvaty?) – What’s your name?
To ask someone their name politely.
Як вас звати? Мене звати Олександр. (Yak vas zvaty? Mene zvaty Oleksandr.) – What’s your name? My name is Oleksandr.

Мене звуть… (Mene zvut’…) – My name is…
How you introduce yourself.
Мене звуть Анна. (Mene zvut’ Anna.) – My name is Anna.

До побачення (Do pobachennya) – Goodbye
Used when leaving or parting ways.
До побачення, до завтра! (Do pobachennya, do zavtra!) – Goodbye, see you tomorrow!

Де? (De?) – Where?
To ask about the location of something or someone.
Де станція метро? (De stantsiya metro?) – Where is the subway station?

Що це? (Scho tse?) – What is this?
Useful when you want to learn about an object or a concept.
Що це за напій? (Scho tse za napiy?) – What is this drink?

These phrases are the building blocks of engaging in simple conversations and can help you navigate through your early steps in learning Ukrainian. Embrace the process, practice regularly, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Happy language learning!

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