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Banking and Finance Portuguese Vocabulary

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Learning a new language opens doors to understanding different cultures and industries. Banking and finance, being a global industry, has its own subset of specialized vocabulary. For Portuguese learners aiming to navigate the business world in countries like Brazil or Portugal, having a foundational understanding of banking and finance vocabulary is key. Here’s a list of essential Portuguese banking and finance terms to help you on your language learning journey.

Definition: This word translates to “bank,” the financial institution where people deposit, withdraw, and manage their money.
Abri uma conta no banco mais próximo da minha casa.

Conta bancária
Definition: Referring to a “bank account,” it’s where your financial transactions are recorded and tracked.
Vou transferir dinheiro para a minha conta bancária.

Definition: “Currency” is the system of money used in a particular country.
Qual é a moeda oficial no Brasil?

Definition: This means “exchange,” often referring to the act of exchanging money from one currency to another.
A troca de dólares por euros foi bastante favorável hoje.

Definition: “Interest” is the cost of borrowing money or the gain from lending money.
Os juros sobre o empréstimo aumentaram este ano.

Definition: Exchange rate, the price of one country’s currency in terms of another’s.
É preciso verificar a taxa de câmbio antes de viajar.

Definition: “Loan” refers to a sum of money borrowed that is expected to be paid back with interest.
Preciso de um empréstimo para comprar um novo carro.

Definition: An “investment” is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation.
Meu primeiro investimento foi em ações da bolsa de valores.

Definition: “Branch” as in a branch of a bank.
A agência do banco fica na próxima rua.

Definition: “Balance” in the context of the amount of money in a bank account.
Preciso consultar o saldo da minha conta poupança.

Cartão de crédito/débito
Definition: “Credit card” and “debit card” are plastic cards used to make transactions instead of cash.
Esqueci meu cartão de crédito em casa, então vou pagar com débito.

Definition: “Deposit” is the act of placing money into a financial account.
Vou fazer um depósito no banco durante meu horário de almoço.

Definition: A “withdrawal” from a bank account.
Preciso fazer um saque antes que o banco feche.

Definition: “Debt” is an obligation, typically of money, owed to another party.
Estou trabalhando duro para pagar a minha dívida.

Definition: “Savings” is money set aside for future use, often in a savings account.
Tenho uma poupança para emergências.

These terms provide a fundamental understanding of the vocabulary pertaining to banking and finance in Portuguese-speaking countries. Whether you’re discussing investment strategies or simply opening a new bank account, using the correct terminology is crucial in getting your points across clearly and professionally. As you continue on your Portuguese-learning journey, keep practicing these words, and you’ll soon be conversing like a pro in the world of banking and finance!

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