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Azerbaijani Vocabulary for Special Events and Occasions

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Learning a new language involves not just understanding grammar and pronunciation, but also acquiring a working vocabulary that pertains to various aspects of life. When it comes to special events and occasions, knowing the right words can be particularly important to celebrate and communicate effectively with native speakers. In this article, we’ll explore some Azerbaijani vocabulary that is essential for special events and occasions.

Toy (Wedding)
In Azerbaijan, a wedding is one of the grandest and most important events in one’s life. “Toy” is the term used to refer to this celebration of love and the joining of two families.

Onlar bu həftəsonu ən böyük oğullarının toyunu qeyd edəcəklər. – They will celebrate their eldest son’s wedding this weekend.

Ad günü (Birthday)
Birthdays are a treasured event to celebrate the life and growth of an individual, and the Azerbaijani word for this is “ad günü.”

Sənin ad gününü necə qeyd etmək istəyirsən? – How do you want to celebrate your birthday?

Bayram (Festival/Holiday)
“Bayram” is a term used for both public holidays and festivals in Azerbaijan. It is a time of public celebration or observance which often includes festivities and traditions.

Novruz bayramınız mübarək! – Happy Novruz festival!

Yubiley (Anniversary)
The Azerbaijani word for an anniversary, whether it is a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of a company, or any other significant date is “yubiley.”

Bu il bizim on illik yubileyimizdir. – This year is our tenth anniversary.

Yeni il (New Year)
“Yeni il” is the term used in Azerbaijan for the celebration of the New Year, a time of joy and new beginnings.

Yeni il üçün nə arzulayırsan? – What are your wishes for the New Year?

Məclis (Gathering/Meeting)
This term is used commonly to refer to a gathering or a social meeting, which can range from a formal assembly to an informal get-together.

Bu axşam məclisimiz var, gəlmək istəyirsənmi? – We have a gathering this evening, would you like to come?

Xina gecəsi (Henna Night)
Henna night is a traditional pre-wedding ceremony where henna is applied to the bride’s hands. “Xina gecəsi” refers to this special occasion, celebrated among women.

Xina gecəsi üçün gözəl bir məkan seçmişik. – We have chosen a beautiful place for the henna night.

Açılış mərasimi (Opening Ceremony)
This phrase is used for the official opening ceremony of a public event, business, or building. It denotes the formal start of operations or festivities.

Yeni kitabxananın açılış mərasimində xüsusi bir qonağımız olacaq. – We will have a special guest at the opening ceremony of the new library.

Qəbul (Reception)
Following many special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and openings, there is often a “qəbul,” a reception where guests are hosted.

Toydan sonra böyük bir qəbul təşkil edəcəyik. – We will organize a large reception after the wedding.

Məzuniyyət (Graduation)
“Graduation” signifies the completion of a study program or a stage of academic achievement. “Məzuniyyət” is the Azerbaijani word used for this occasion.

Övladımın məzuniyyət günü üçün heç nəyi əldən vermək istəmirəm. – I don’t want to miss anything for my child’s graduation day.

By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you’ll be well-prepared to discuss and partake in a variety of special events and occasions in Azerbaijan. Whether wishing someone a happy birthday or attending a grand wedding “toy,” these words will help you immerse in the cultural fabric of Azerbaijani life and celebrations.

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