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Art and design vocabulary in Finnish

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As an enthusiast of art and design, expanding your vocabulary in the Finnish language can enrich your understanding and appreciation of this field. In this article, we’ll explore some essential art and design-related terms in Finnish along with their definitions and examples.

Taide means “art” in Finnish. It represents any creative work or practice that expresses imaginative or technical skill.

Näin hämmästyttävää taidetta museossa.

Muotoilu translates to “design”. This term encompasses the process of creating and organizing elements for a specific purpose.

Hän työskentelee muotoilun alalla ja luo uusia tuotteita.

Väri is the Finnish word for “color”. As a fundamental element of art and design, väri is critical for conveying emotions and creating visual interest.

Valitsin kirkkaanpunaisen värin maalaukseeni.

Piirtäminen stands for “drawing”. It is the act of producing or creating images with pencils, pens, crayons, or other tools.

Piirtäminen on yksi hänen suosikkiharrastuksistaan.

Maalaus means “painting”. This is the practice of applying pigment to a surface, such as canvas or paper, to create an artwork.

Renessanssin ajan maalaukset ovat edelleen suosittuja.

Veistos is the word for “sculpture”. This three-dimensional art is created by shaping or combining hard materials like stone, metal, or wood.

Tuossa puistossa on monia kauniita veistoksia.

Kaiverrus translates to “engraving”. It’s the process of cutting or carving a design into a hard surface, often for printing or decoration purposes.

Vanhan kirjan kansissa on hienoja kaiverruksia.

Sarjakuva refers to “comic” or “cartoon”. An art form that combines words and images, often in a humorous or satirical style.

Suomalainen sarjakuva ‘Muumit’ on tunnettu ympäri maailmaa.

Kuvitus pertains to “illustration”. This is artwork created to elucidate or decorate text, concepts, or ideas.

Kirjan kuvitus oli todella elävä ja kaunis.

Taidenäyttely stands for “art exhibition” or “art show”. This is a space where art objects meet an audience.

Hän viettää paljon aikaa taidenäyttelyissä etsien inspiraatiota.

Muotokuva means “portrait”. A representation of a particular person, usually focusing on their face.

Isoäidin muotokuva roikkuu edelleen olohuoneen seinällä.

Maisemamaalaus translates to “landscape painting”. Art that depicts natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests.

Hän maalaa maisemamaalauksia vapaa-aikanaan.

Abstrakti taide refers to “abstract art”. Art that does not attempt to represent external reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colors, and textures.

Abstrakti taide voi olla monitulkintainen ja ainutlaatuinen.

Sisustus is the term for “interior design”. The art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Hän palkkasi sisustussuunnittelijan kotinsa remontoimiseksi.

With these words in your Finnish art and design vocabulary toolkit, you’ll be better equipped to discuss and engage with creative works and environments. Remember, consistent practice and real-world application are key to mastering any new language, so don’t hesitate to use these terms when appreciating art and design in all its forms. Hyvää oppimista! (Happy learning!)

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