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Arabic vocabulary for food and dining

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Learning Arabic can be vastly enriched by delving into the diverse culinary lexicon of the Arab world. Whether dining out or sharing a meal with Arabic-speaking friends, understanding food-related terms can be both practical and enjoyable. Here’s some essential Arabic vocabulary related to food and dining to get you started.

طعام (Ta’aam) – Food
هل ترغب في بعض الطعام؟
This translates to “Would you like some food?”

مطعم (Mat’am) – Restaurant
سنذهب إلى المطعم اللبناني الليلة.
This translates to “We will go to the Lebanese restaurant tonight.”

مشروب (Mashroob) – Drink
أريد مشروباً بارداً، من فضلك.
This translates to “I would like a cold drink, please.”

قائمة الطعام (Qa’imat al-ta’am) – Menu
هل يمكنني الاطلاع على قائمة الطعام؟
This translates to “May I look at the menu?”

طبق (Tabaq) – Dish (as in a type of food)
ما هو أشهر طبق في هذا المطعم؟
This translates to “What is the most popular dish in this restaurant?”

ملعقة (Mal’aqa) – Spoon
هل يمكنك إعطائي ملعقة أخرى؟
This translates to “Can you give me another spoon?”

شوكة (Shawka) – Fork
الشوكة ليست نظيفة.
This translates to “The fork is not clean.”

سكين (Sakin) – Knife
أحتاج إلى سكين لقطع اللحم.
This translates to “I need a knife to cut the meat.”

طاولة (Tawila) – Table
هل يمكننا الحصول على طاولة بالقرب من النافذة؟
This translates to “Can we get a table near the window?”

حلويات (Halawaat) – Sweets/Desserts
أود تجربة الحلويات العربية.
This translates to “I would like to try some Arabic sweets.”

فاتورة (Fatoora) – Bill
هل يمكنك جلب الفاتورة، من فضلك؟
This translates to “Can you bring the bill, please?”

نادل (Nadil) – Waiter
عفواً، يا نادل! هل يمكنك مساعدتي؟
This translates to “Excuse me, waiter! Can you help me?”

نادلة (Nadila) – Waitress
إن النادلة كانت لطيفة للغاية معنا.
This translates to “The waitress was very kind to us.”

نصيحة (Naseeha) – Tip
كم نصيحة يجب أن نتركها؟
This translates to “How much tip should we leave?”

لحم (Lahm) – Meat
هل هذا الطبق يحتوي على لحم؟
This translates to “Does this dish contain meat?”

خضار (Khudar) – Vegetables
أحب أكل الخضار كل يوم.
This translates to “I like to eat vegetables every day.”

خبز (Khobz) – Bread
الخبز العربي طازج ولذيذ.
This translates to “Arabic bread is fresh and tasty.”

مالح (Malih) – Salty
الطعام كان مالحاً جداً بالنسبة لي.
This translates to “The food was too salty for me.”

حلو (Helw) – Sweet
أفضل الحلو على الطعم المر.
This translates to “I prefer sweet over bitter taste.”

Arabic cuisine offers an array of flavors and experiences that can be both unique and delicious. With this useful vocabulary at hand, you’ll be able to navigate menus, communicate your preferences, and enjoy the rich food culture of the Arab world with confidence and ease. صحتين (Sahtain)—enjoy your meal!

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