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Animals and Pets Vocabulary in Belarusian

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Learning a new language can be an exciting adventure and understanding words related to animals and pets is often one of the first areas of expansion in vocabulary. When it comes to Belarusian, a beautiful Slavic language, knowing how to name common animals and pets can be incredibly helpful. Here is a selection of Belarusian vocabulary related to this topic, along with their definitions and examples.

Жывёла (Zhivjola) – Animal
In Belarusian, the word for animal is “жывёла”. This is the word used to describe living creatures that are not plants or humans.
У нашым зоапарку многа розных жывёл.
(In our zoo, there are many different animals.)

Сабака (Sabaka) – Dog
“Сабака” means “dog” in Belarusian. This is a common pet in many Belarusian households.
Мая сабака любіць гуляць у парку.
(My dog likes to walk in the park.)

Котка (Kotka) – Cat
The Belarusian word for cat is “котка”. Cats are another popular pet choice in Belarus.
На падваконні сядзела сівая котка.
(A gray cat was sitting on the windowsill.)

Рыба (Ryba) – Fish
Many people keep “рыба” or fish in aquariums in their homes. It’s a less demanding pet which is admired for its beauty.
У акварыуме плавала каляровая рыба.
(A colorful fish was swimming in the aquarium.)

Птушка (Ptushka) – Bird
“Птушка” is the word used for birds in Belarusian. It can refer to wild birds or those kept as pets.
Раніцай я чую, як спяваюць птушкі.
(I hear birds singing in the morning.)

Карова (Karova) – Cow
A “карова” refers to a cow, a common domesticated farm animal in Belarus known for providing milk.
Карова паслася на полі.
(The cow was grazing in the field.)

Конь (Kon’) – Horse
The word for horse in Belarusian is “конь”. This majestic animal is often used for riding or farm work.
Конь скача па йздзе.
(The horse gallops down the road.)

Шчаня (Shchenya) – Puppy
A young dog in Belarusian is called “шчаня”. Puppies are beloved for their playful and cute nature.
Маленькае шчаня спіць у сваёй ложцы.
(The little puppy is sleeping in its bed.)

Кацяня (Katsyanya) – Kitten
Similar to puppies, “кацяня” is the Belarusian word for a kitten, the young of a cat.
Кацяня іграецца з клубком нітак.
(The kitten is playing with a ball of yarn.)

Папугай (Papuhai) – Parrot
The Belarusian term “папугай” stands for a parrot, an often brightly colored bird known for its ability to mimic sounds and speech.
Папугай гаварыў на дзіўных мовах.
(The parrot spoke in strange languages.)

Зайка (Zaika) – Bunny/Rabbit
In Belarusian, “зайка” translates to bunny or rabbit, a small mammal with long ears and a short tail.
Зайка скокнуў у сваю нору.
(The bunny hopped into its burrow.)

Хамяк (Khamyak) – Hamster
Many children and adults keep “хамяк” or a hamster as a pet due to its small size and low maintenance.
Хамяк бег па коле ў клетцы.
(The hamster ran on the wheel in the cage.)

Understanding these animal and pet-related words can deepen your connection with the Belarusian language and culture. Having the ability to name and speak about common animals is a great step in your language learning journey. Remember to practice these words, and you’ll soon be conversing about your furry and feathered friends with ease in Belarusian!

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