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Afrikaans Terms for Fashion and Clothing

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Language learners and fashion enthusiasts alike, if you’re keen on stepping up your Afrikaans vocabulary, especially in the trendy realm of fashion and clothing, look no further. Below you will find a list of essential Afrikaans terms accompanied by their definitions and illustrative sentences.

Klere translates to ‘clothes’ in English. It’s a general term used to describe items of clothing.
Sy kas is altyd vol van die nuutste mode klere.

Mode means ‘fashion.’ It is often used to discuss trends and styles within clothing and accessories.
Sy is altyd op hoogte met die nuutste mode.

Hemp is the term for ‘shirt.’ This could be casual or formal, depending on context.
Ek moet ‘n nuwe hemp koop vir die onderhoud more.

Rok refers to a ‘dress.’ It’s a common piece of clothing worn by women.
Sy het ‘n pragtige rooi rok aangehad na die funksie.

Broek means ‘trousers’ or ‘pants.’ It’s a staple in most people’s wardrobes.
Dis tyd om ‘n nuwe paar denim broek te koop.

Skoeisel stands for ‘footwear.’ This encompasses all types of shoes.
Watter skoeisel dink jy sal goed pas by hierdie uitrusting?

Hoed translates to ‘hat.’ A fashionable accessory for both sun protection and style.
Ek het my breërand hoed verloor wat ek by die strand gekoop het.

Jas means ‘coat’ or ‘jacket.’ It’s worn typically in colder weather for warmth.
Onthou om jou jas te bring, dit gaan koud wees buite vanaand.

Skoene are ‘shoes.’ A basic term for a variety of styles from sneakers to high heels.
Die nuwe skoene wat ek gekoop het, is ongelooflik gemaklik.

Trui is the word for ‘sweater’ or ‘pullover.’ It’s ideal for chilly days.
Ek het ‘n warm trui nodig vir die koue oggendluggie.

Riem translates to ‘belt.’ A common accessory used in fashion for both function and embellishment.
Jy kan daardie rok opknap met ‘n stylvolle riem.

Swembroek means ‘swimsuit’ or ‘swimwear.’ Essential for a day at the pool or beach.
Moenie vergeet om jou swembroek saam te bring nie; ons gaan swem.

Sokkies are ‘socks.’ They can be a crucial part of an outfit, especially with certain footwear.
Ek het nuwe sokkies gekoop wat perfek pas by my sportskoene.

Onderklere are ‘underwear.’ This term refers to garments worn beneath outer clothes, usually next to the skin.
Ek verkies katoen onderklere vir ekstra gemak.

Navigating through the world of Afrikaans fashion terms can add a sense of local flavour to your conversations about clothing and style. These terms cover the basics, allowing you to discuss what you wear, shop with confidence, or even compliment someone on their outfit in Afrikaans. Remember, whether you’re a beginner or advancing in your language skills, incorporating new vocabulary into everyday scenarios is a fabulous way to sharpen your linguistic flair. So, the next time you’re engaging in a chit-chat about the latest fashion or picking out your ensemble for the day, try throwing in some Afrikaans terms to add that extra touch of sophistication. Veels geluk! (Good luck!)

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