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Which language do you want to learn?

Afrikaans Phrases for Social Media and Internet Use

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In the age of social media and global connectivity, it’s valuable to know a bit of language for every digital interaction we encounter. Afrikaans, a language spoken primarily in South Africa and Namibia, is no exception. Whether you’re connecting with a friend in Cape Town or commenting on a post by an Afrikaans-speaking influencer, these phrases will help you navigate the social media and internet space with ease.

Definition: Online. Used to describe an activity or status on the internet.
Ek is nou aanlyn en gereed om te gesels.

Definition: Profile. Refers to the personal page on a social media platform that contains the user’s information.
Het jy my nuwe profielfoto gesien?

Definition: Post. An item of content published on social media or blogs.
Haar laaste plasing oor klimaatsverandering is baie insiggewend.

Definition: Share. The act of reposting or sending content to others.
As jy van die artikel hou, moet asseblief deel.

Hou van
Definition: Like. To express enjoyment or approval of a post or content on social media.
Ek het jou foto gehou van; dit is pragtig!

Definition: Follower. Someone who has subscribed to receive updates from a user’s profile.
Ek het oornag honderd nuwe volgers gekry!

Definition: Support. To offer encouragement or approval, often in the context of liking or promoting someone’s content.
Ons moet mekaar se projekte op sosiale media ondersteun.

Definition: Comment. A response to a post or content on social media.
Ek het ‘n opmerking op jou blog geplaas; hoop jy sien dit.

Teken in
Definition: Sign in/Subscribe. To log into an account or subscribe to a newsletter or channel.
Moenie vergeet om op my YouTube-kanaal in te teken nie.

Definition: Message. A private note sent to another user.
Stuur vir my ‘n boodskap sodra jy beskikbaar is.

Definition: Tag. To identify someone in a post or picture.
Jy moet Anna in daardie foto merk; sy soek daarna.

Tendens / Trending
Definition: Trending. A topic or hashtag that is popular on social media at a given moment.
Het jy gesien? #SondagStilte is nou ‘n tendens op Twitter.

Definition: Quote. To repeat someone’s words, often with credit given, on social media.
Ek het jou aanhalingstekens oor sukses gedeel; dit was baie inspirerend.

Definition: A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media to identify messages on a specific topic.
Gebruik die regte hashtag om meer mense te bereik met jou pos.

Definition: TikTok (slang). Referring to the popular video-sharing social media platform or its users.
My Tiktokkies is vinnig besig om gewild te word!

Learning these phrases can bridge the gap in your social media communications and help you engage with the Afrikaans-speaking community more effectively. Whether leaving a kommentaar on a blog post or asking someone to deel your content, using the right language can open doors to new connections and opportunities on the internet.

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