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Afrikaans Phrases for Shopping and Bargaining

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Shopping can be a delightful experience, especially if you’re visiting a new country. If your travel plans include South Africa or Namibia, knowing some key Afrikaans phrases for shopping and bargaining might just make your experience smoother and more enjoyable. Here are some phrases and vocabularies to help you along the way:

Meaning: Shop/Store
Ek is op soek na ‘n goeie winkel vir geskenke.
Translation: I am looking for a good shop for gifts.

Meaning: To buy
Ek wil graag hierdie trui koop.
Translation: I would like to buy this sweater.

Meaning: To sell
Verkoop jy enige ou munte?
Translation: Do you sell any old coins?

Meaning: Price
Wat is die prys van hierdie horlosie?
Translation: What is the price of this watch?

Meaning: Cash
Kan ek met kontant betaal?
Translation: Can I pay with cash?

Meaning: Credit card
Aanvaar julle kredietkaarte?
Translation: Do you accept credit cards?

Meaning: Discount
Kan ek ‘n afslag kry as ek twee koop?
Translation: Can I get a discount if I buy two?

Spesiale aanbod
Meaning: Special offer
Het julle enige spesiale aanbiedinge vandag?
Translation: Do you have any special offers today?

Meaning: Market
Ons gaan Saterdag na die mark toe.
Translation: We are going to the market on Saturday.

Meaning: Calculator
Het jy dalk ‘n sakrekenaar wat ek kan gebruik?
Translation: Do you have a calculator I can use?

Meaning: Exchange
Kan ek hierdie vir ‘n groter grootte ruil?
Translation: Can I exchange this for a larger size?

Meaning: To give back/Return
As dit nie pas nie, kan ek dit teruggee?
Translation: If it doesn’t fit, can I return it?

Probeer aan
Meaning: Try on
Mag ek hierdie rok probeer aan?
Translation: May I try this dress on?

Meaning: Receipt
Kan jy asseblief die kwitansie vir my gee?
Translation: Could you please give me the receipt?

Meaning: Quality
Hoe is die kwaliteit van hierdie leerbaadjie?
Translation: How is the quality of this leather jacket?

Meaning: To negotiate
Is dit moontlik om oor die prys te onderhandel?
Translation: Is it possible to negotiate on the price?

Using these phrases can lead to a more interactive and authentic shopping experience. Don’t be shy to practice your Afrikaans and use these terms while shopping in Afrikaans-speaking regions. Moreover, vendors often appreciate it when tourists make an effort to speak the local language, which can sometimes lead to better deals or friendlier service. Happy shopping and successful bargaining!

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