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Talkpal is a GPT-powered AI language teacher. Boost your speaking, listening, writing, and pronounciation skills – Learn 5x Faster!

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The TalkPal Difference

Immersive Conversations

Dive into captivating dialogues designed to optimize language retention and improve fluency.

Real-Time Feedback

Receive immediate, personalized feedback and suggestions to accelerate your language mastery.

Dynamic Active Listening

Enhance comprehension skills with our exclusive, adaptive listening exercises.


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Introducing TalkPal Premium

Available in 57+ languages

Roleplays, Debates & Characters

Immerse into fun, professional, or lifelike situations to boost your language skills.

300+ Unique Experiences

Tailored and engaging sessions based on your goals, learning pace, and language level.


Unlimited usage of built-in real-time translations and personalized feedback.

The most amazing thing that I discovered from now on to really improve my language skills, and it did, I very grateful for finding a so suitable and effective tool. The support is very attentive, they replied you and they are very polite. They really permit you to make the test for free.


on Trustpilot

My parents are learning English by themselves; currently using Google Translate and some basic English book. They can read some small words now but as usual they are struggling with speaking. I’ve been looking for a product that help them speak and I’m glad I found Talkpal. I tried myself and it’s fun and the Ai seems to be very intuitive. Can’t wait to see my parents’ improvement!


on Producthunt

Loving the feedback. The A.I really feels like you are talking to a real individual. I also like that it gives you feedback for your responses. The different scenarios are also awesome. I can see myself using each of the different roleplays in real life. Definitely feel more confident.


on Play Store

It’s mind blowing that this is AI-generated. I can practice several languages on a daily basis whenever I can/want. I had lost a big chunk of my knowledge over the years but I can feel that I’m already getting better again through Talkpal. Learning also new facts about history etc. is a bonus. I definitely recommend to try it out.


on Trustpilot

I’ve been using Talkpal AI for a week now and I’m genuinely impressed with its effectiveness in helping me learn German. Definitely great app to learn language with so much fun. Impressed with characters option. So fun to chat with mythological heroes.


on App Store

Loving this app!! Talkpal is unique from the more traditional language learning apps and gives you a much more realistic setting to practice your vocab and grammar skills. A must-have for anyone learning a new language.


on App Store


How is Talkpal different from other language learning apps?

Unlike other language learning apps, Talkpal uses the most advanced AI to create interactive, fun and engaging language learning experience. Artificial Intelligence lets users achieve fluency with active learning approach. Talkpal imitates real-life scenarios where users learn by interacting with native speakers.

What subscription options does Talkpal offer?

Talkpal offers a free subscription with limited features and Talkpal Premium, which comes with no limitations and more advanced features. Talkpal Premium includes monthly or yearly payment options.

Can I cancel my Talkpal Premium subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Talkpal Premium subscription at any time. After the cancelation, the subscription will end at the end of the subscription period.

Do you offer subscription options for educational institutions?

Yes, we offer a platform to education institutions where they can purchase subscriptions for their students in bulk. For more information, please click here.