Learn English in Frankfurt

Overview of English Learning Opportunities in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, a bustling metropolis in Germany, is not just known for its financial district and skyscrapers but also for its multicultural environment where English plays a significant role. As an international city, Frankfurt offers numerous avenues for learning and enhancing English language skills. Whether you are a professional looking to polish your business English, a student preparing for academic tests, or a newcomer wanting to improve communication skills, Frankfurt provides a range of options to learn English effectively.

Language Schools Offering English Courses in Frankfurt

Sprachcaffe Language School: Located in the heart of Frankfurt, Sprachcaffe offers a variety of English courses tailored to meet different needs. From intensive courses and private lessons to business English and exam preparation courses like TOEFL and IELTS, Sprachcaffe caters to all levels of learners.

Didactica Language School: Known for its personalized approach, Didactica offers small class sizes ensuring individual attention. Their courses include general English, business English, and preparation for English proficiency tests.

Berlitz Language Center: With its internationally recognized method, Berlitz provides immersive English learning experiences. The center offers individual and group classes, corporate training programs, and online courses.

Inlingua Frankfurt: Inlingua’s strength lies in its practical approach to language teaching. Their training includes general English courses, business English sessions, and specialized workshops focusing on presentation skills and negotiation in English.

University Programs for English Studies

Goethe University Frankfurt: The university offers courses in English literature and linguistics as part of its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. These academic courses are ideal for those looking to delve deeper into English studies.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management: For professionals in the financial sector, the Frankfurt School provides English-taught MBA and other management programs which are excellent for improving business-related English skills.

Private Tutoring and Online Platforms

For learners preferring a more flexible schedule or a personalized learning environment, private tutoring is a great option. Platforms like Tutor Hunt and First Tutors offer access to qualified English tutors in Frankfurt. Additionally, online resources such as iTalki, where learners can practice English with native speakers through video calls, provide a convenient way to enhance language skills.

Community and Language Exchange Events

Participating in language meetups and international community groups can be an effective and enjoyable way to practice English. Organizations such as the Frankfurt International Friends meet regularly and are open to individuals looking to improve their English conversational skills.

Meetup Groups: Websites like Meetup.com feature groups such as the Frankfurt Language Exchange, where locals and expats meet to practice languages, including English.

Internations Events: Internations organizes regular events for expatriates in Frankfurt, offering a fantastic opportunity to network and practice English in a social setting.

Library and Book Club Resources

The Frankfurt Public Library offers resources for English learners including books, magazines, and DVDs. They also host English reading clubs and discussion groups which can boost comprehension and spoken English skills.

City Library Frankfurt: Their collection includes a wide range of English media and they frequently organize events such as author readings and educational workshops in English.

International Book Clubs: Joining a book club can be a great way to meet people and discuss literature in English, enhancing both language and analytical skills.

Examinations and Certifications in Frankfurt

For those who require proof of their English proficiency, Frankfurt offers several testing centers where you can take international English exams.

TOEFL and IELTS: Test centers for these widely recognized English proficiency exams are available in the city. These are crucial for university admissions and sometimes for professional purposes.

Cambridge English Exams: Several institutions in Frankfurt are authorized to conduct Cambridge English exams which are globally acknowledged and useful for academic, professional, and visa applications.

Corporate Training and Business English

Many companies in Frankfurt invest in business English training for their employees. This training focuses on professional communication, including writing emails, conducting meetings, and making presentations in English.

Language Training Providers: Companies like Speexx and Learnship offer tailored corporate English training programs in Frankfurt, focusing on the specific needs of businesses in various sectors.


Learning English in Frankfurt is facilitated by a variety of resources and opportunities tailored to different needs and preferences. From traditional language schools and university programs to innovative online platforms and community events, there are numerous paths available for enhancing English proficiency in this vibrant city. Whether for personal growth, professional advancement, or social interaction, mastering English in Frankfurt opens doors to a multitude of possibilities in both local and global contexts.

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