Language Courses in Tallinn

Overview of Language Learning Opportunities in Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, offers a diverse range of language courses suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. The city’s multicultural environment makes it an ideal place for language enthusiasts to immerse themselves in new linguistic experiences. From university courses and private language schools to online platforms and informal language meetups, Tallinn provides numerous options for anyone looking to enhance their language skills.

University Language Programs in Tallinn

Tallinn University

Tallinn University is a prominent institution offering extensive language courses. Their Language Centre provides courses in more than 20 languages including English, Russian, Finnish, Spanish, and Chinese. These courses are available for different levels and are open to both students and external learners. The university also offers specialized summer language courses, focusing on intensive language study and cultural immersion.

Tallinna Tehnikaülikool (Tallinn University of Technology)

Also known as TalTech, this university offers a variety of language courses through its Language Centre. Apart from Estonian courses designed for international students and researchers, TalTech provides opportunities to learn languages like German, French, and Japanese. These courses often focus on technical vocabulary to assist students in their specific fields of study.

Private Language Schools in Tallinn

TEA Language School

TEA Language School is one of the most established language schools in Tallinn, offering a wide array of language learning opportunities. The school provides courses in over 10 languages, including less commonly taught languages such as Portuguese and Italian. TEA Language School is known for its interactive teaching methods and experienced instructors.


Keeltekool specializes in European languages and offers flexible learning schedules including evening and weekend classes, which are perfect for working professionals. Their program includes innovative teaching techniques and cultural activities that enhance the language learning experience.

Inlingua Tallinn

Inlingua is part of a global network of language schools and offers high-quality instruction in English, German, Russian, and more. Their teaching methodology focuses on speaking and practical communication, which helps students use the language confidently in everyday situations.

Online Language Learning Platforms


Based in Tallinn, Lingvist is a revolutionary language learning tool that uses AI to personalize learning experiences. It offers courses in languages like Spanish, French, and German and is designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to learn a language through adaptive exercises and real-time feedback.


Another innovative Tallinn-based company, Speakly combines scientifically proven learning methods with real-life statistical relevance of language elements. It offers courses in eight different languages and focuses on practical language use from the very beginning.

Informal Language Learning and Exchange in Tallinn

Language Café Tallinn

Language Café events are popular in Tallinn, where participants can practice different languages in an informal setting. These events are usually free or low-cost and provide a great opportunity to meet new people and improve language skills through casual conversation.

Tandem Partners

Finding a tandem partner is another excellent way to enhance language skills. Many universities and language schools in Tallinn offer programs or bulletin boards where you can find a partner who speaks the language you are learning and who wants to learn your native language.

Specialized Language Courses

Business and Professional Language Courses

For those looking to improve their professional language skills, many schools in Tallinn offer business-specific language courses. These courses focus on the vocabulary and skills needed to communicate effectively in a professional environment.

Cultural Integration and Language Immersion Programs

Several organizations offer cultural integration courses that include language lessons as well as cultural education to help expatriates and new residents adapt to life in Estonia.


Tallinn not only stands as a beacon of history and culture but also as a thriving center for language learning. The city’s diverse educational offerings make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to expand their linguistic abilities. Whether through formal education, private language schools, or innovative online platforms, Tallinn offers resources that cater to all learning styles and needs.

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