Language Courses in Natal

Overview of Language Learning Opportunities in Natal, Brazil

Natal, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, is a city that’s not only famous for its breathtaking beaches but also for its educational facilities, particularly language courses. Whether you’re a tourist looking to pick up some Portuguese, a business professional in need of English for your work, or a local resident wanting to explore new cultures through languages, Natal offers a variety of courses that cater to different needs.

Portuguese Language Courses in Natal

1. Instituto Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos (ICBEU)
ICBEU is not just one of the most prestigious institutions for learning English but also offers Portuguese classes tailored to foreigners. These courses are designed to help non-native speakers achieve fluency quickly, with a focus on conversational skills and cultural immersion. The institute provides both group and private classes, making it a flexible option for students with varying levels of proficiency and schedules.

2. Dialogo Language School
Located near Ponta Negra Beach, Dialogo offers intensive Portuguese programs which are ideal for tourists or expatriates who want to immerse themselves fully in the Brazilian culture and language. The school arranges homestay accommodations which allow learners to practice Portuguese in a natural setting with native speakers.

3. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)
The UFRN, through its International Office, offers Portuguese language courses specifically designed for foreign students and researchers staying in Brazil. These courses are often part of academic exchange programs but are also open to other international visitors.

English Language Courses in Natal

1. Cultura Inglesa
Cultura Inglesa has a long-standing reputation in Brazil for its high-quality English language education. In Natal, the school offers a range of programs from basic to advanced levels, alongside preparation courses for international proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS. The learning environment is enriched with multimedia resources and online platforms to support student learning.

2. Wizard by Pearson
Wizard schools are widespread in Brazil, and their branch in Natal is known for using innovative methods to teach English. Their unique approach includes Wizard’s own textbooks and digital tools which enhance the learning experience. They also offer classes for children, making it a suitable option for families.

3. CCBEU Natal
The Centro Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos (CCBEU) in Natal not only promotes cultural exchange between Brazil and the USA but also provides comprehensive English courses. With qualified teachers and a focus on conversational English, CCBEU is a preferred choice for many learners aiming for fluency.

Spanish Language Courses

1. CNA Natal
At CNA, students can learn Spanish in an interactive and dynamic environment. The courses cover various levels, from beginner to advanced, and include cultural activities that make learning enjoyable and effective.

2. Sesc Rio Grande do Norte
Sesc RN offers Spanish courses that focus on both language and cultural aspects. The classes are designed to be accessible, providing opportunities for a wide range of learners, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

French Language Courses

1. Aliança Francesa de Natal
Aliança Francesa is globally recognized for its French language education. In Natal, the institution offers comprehensive French courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Their curriculum includes preparation for international French exams like DELF and DALF.

2. Senac Rio Grande do Norte
Senac provides professional courses in various fields including languages. Their French language courses are tailored to those who need specific industry vocabulary alongside general language skills.

Additional Language Programs

1. Goethe-Institut
For learners interested in German, the Goethe-Institut offers courses and cultural programs. Although primarily located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, they occasionally provide workshops and events in Natal.

2. Centro de Cultura e Línguas do Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN)
The IFRN hosts a cultural and language center that offers courses in diverse languages including Italian, German, and Japanese, depending on demand and availability of qualified teachers.


Natal provides a vibrant scene for language learning, featuring courses that range from global languages like English and Spanish to more niche options like German and Japanese. Each institution has its unique strengths, from intensive immersion programs to flexible scheduling, catering to the diverse needs of students. Whether your goal is to enhance your travel experience, boost your career, or explore new cultures, Natal’s language courses offer valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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