Language Courses in Las Palmas

Overview of Language Learning in Las Palmas

Las Palmas, the vibrant capital of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, is not just a tourist paradise but also a hub for language learning. The city offers a variety of language courses catering to different needs, whether you’re a beginner looking to pick up basic Spanish or an advanced learner aiming to hone your language skills. The multicultural environment, combined with the immersive Spanish-speaking context, makes Las Palmas an ideal location for language acquisition.

Benefits of Learning Languages in Las Palmas

Immersive Spanish Environment: Las Palmas, being in Spain, provides an authentic environment for learning Spanish. Daily interactions with locals and exposure to the Spanish culture enhance the learning experience significantly.

High-Quality Language Schools: Las Palmas is home to several reputable language schools offering structured courses designed by experienced educators. These courses often include cultural immersion activities that help reinforce language skills.

Opportunities for International Networking: Language schools in Las Palmas attract students from all over the world, providing a fantastic opportunity to network and make friends from diverse backgrounds.

Beautiful Location for Learning: The picturesque setting of Las Palmas, with its beaches and historical sites, offers a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

Popular Language Courses in Las Palmas

When it comes to language courses, Las Palmas offers a variety of options tailored to different learning needs and preferences. Below are some of the popular language courses available in the city.

Spanish Language Courses

Gran Canaria School of Languages: Located in the heart of Las Palmas, this school has been offering comprehensive Spanish language courses since 1964. They provide a wide range of courses including intensive, super-intensive, private, and evening classes. The school also organizes excursions and cultural activities, providing a holistic learning experience.

Academia El Capitán: Known for its dynamic teaching methods and experienced staff, Academia El Capitán offers various Spanish courses that cater to different levels. Their programs include intensive courses, DELE exam preparation, and business Spanish, among others.

Co Co Lingua – Language School: Specializing in small group classes, Co Co Lingua ensures personalized attention and better interaction among students. They offer intensive, semi-intensive, and private Spanish classes, along with cultural immersion activities.

English Language Courses

English Culture Academy: This academy provides a range of English language courses designed for both adults and children. From general English courses to business English and exam preparation classes, the academy focuses on enhancing communicative skills in a practical context.

Canary English Academy: With a focus on interactive learning, Canary English Academy offers innovative English language programs that include group classes, private lessons, and conversation clubs. They also have specialized courses for professionals and teenagers.

Other Language Courses

Academia de Idiomas Cruz: Besides Spanish and English, Academia de Idiomas Cruz offers courses in German, French, and Italian. This makes it a great option for learners interested in other European languages. They provide group classes, individual lessons, and exam preparation courses.

Lingua Franca Academy: Catering to a diverse student base, Lingua Franca Academy offers courses in more than five languages including Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese. Their classes are designed to cater to various levels and include cultural immersion components.

Choosing the Right Language Course

Selecting the right language course in Las Palmas depends on several factors including your learning goals, the intensity of the course, and your current proficiency level. It’s advisable to consider the following:

Educational Goals: Are you learning for professional development, academic purposes, or personal interest? This will determine the type of course you should enroll in.

Course Intensity: Some learners might prefer an intensive course that immerses them in the language quickly, while others might opt for a more relaxed pace with semi-intensive or evening classes.

Certifications: If you need a certification, look for courses that offer preparation for exams like DELE for Spanish or TOEFL for English.

Budget and Duration: Consider how much you are willing to spend and the time you can dedicate. Some schools offer flexible schedules to accommodate different needs.


Las Palmas is not only a beautiful destination for tourists but also a thriving educational hub for language learners. With its array of language schools and courses, the city caters to a diverse range of learning requirements and preferences. Whether you are looking to dive deep into learning Spanish or want to pick up another language like English, French, or Chinese, Las Palmas provides ample opportunities for enhancing your language skills in a dynamic and supportive environment.

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