Language Courses in Graz

Overview of Language Learning Opportunities in Graz

Graz, the second-largest city in Austria, is an educational hub with a rich cultural heritage, offering a wide range of language learning opportunities. This picturesque city not only boasts a number of prestigious universities and colleges but also hosts various language schools catering to both local and international students. Whether you’re looking to improve your German, pick up some English, or delve into less commonly taught languages, Graz provides ample choices to enhance your linguistic skills.

German Language Courses in Graz

1. University of Graz Language Center: The University of Graz offers comprehensive German language courses designed for students and professionals at all levels. The courses focus on enhancing grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, and comprehension skills. They also offer specialized summer and intensive courses for those looking to immerse themselves in the language quickly.

2. Deutsch im Trend: Located in the heart of Graz, Deutsch im Trend is dedicated to teaching German as a foreign language. They offer a variety of courses including general German, intensive courses, private lessons, and exam preparation courses (ÖSD – Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch). The school prides itself on its interactive teaching methods and cultural immersion activities.

3. Sprachschule Aktiv Graz: Sprachschule Aktiv offers a range of German courses that cater to different needs, such as intensive courses, private tutoring, and corporate language training. They also provide a free placement test to ensure you start at the correct level and a free trial lesson to experience their teaching approach firsthand.

English Language Courses in Graz

1. Inlingua Graz: Known for its high-quality language training, Inlingua Graz offers a variety of English courses including general English, business English, and preparation courses for TOEFL and IELTS. Their method emphasizes spoken communication, making it ideal for learners looking to improve their conversational skills.

2. Berlitz Language School Graz: Berlitz offers a range of English language courses for all age groups and proficiency levels. Their internationally renowned Berlitz Method focuses on immersive language learning and they offer both group classes and individual lessons tailored to student’s specific needs.

3. ABCi English: ABCi English specializes in providing practical English language education aimed particularly at children and teenagers. Their courses are designed to be fun and engaging, helping young learners to develop a love for the language while improving their speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Other Language Courses Available in Graz

Graz is not only limited to German and English language courses but also offers programs for other languages, reflecting its cosmopolitan character.

1. Confucius Institute at the University of Graz: For those interested in learning Chinese, the Confucius Institute offers a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels. They also provide cultural workshops and events to complement the language learning experience.

2. Instituto Cervantes: This institution is dedicated to promoting Spanish language and culture. The Instituto Cervantes offers general Spanish courses as well as specialized classes focusing on business communication, culture, and preparation for DELE exams.

3. Italian Cultural Institute: If you’re inclined towards learning Italian, the Italian Cultural Institute in Graz offers several courses that cater to various levels. They also organize cultural events that provide a deep dive into Italian art, history, and tradition.

Choosing the Right Language School in Graz

Selecting the right language school is crucial to ensure a successful learning experience. Here are some factors to consider:
Accreditation: Look for schools that are accredited by relevant educational authorities which ensures the quality of education and the validity of certificates.
Class Size: Smaller class sizes mean more personalized attention and better interaction with the teacher.
Qualified Teachers: Ensure that the school employs experienced and qualified teachers who are native speakers or have a strong command of the language.
Course Content: Check if the course content meets your learning objectives and if there is a balanced focus on speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills.
Cultural Integration: Learning a language is not just about understanding words and grammar but also embracing the culture. Choose a school that offers cultural activities as part of the curriculum.


Graz offers a diverse array of language learning options suited for a variety of needs and preferences. Whether your goal is academic, professional, or personal growth, the language schools in Graz provide high-quality education combined with cultural immersion. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can choose the right institution that not only meets your learning requirements but also enhances your overall experience in this vibrant city.

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