Language Courses in Gijón

Overview of Language Learning in Gijón, Spain

Gijón, a vibrant city on the northern coast of Spain, offers a rich tapestry of cultural and educational opportunities, making it an ideal location for language learners. The city’s unique position in the Asturias region provides not only access to traditional Spanish language courses but also exposes learners to the Asturian culture and its language, Asturleonese. With a variety of language schools and programs, Gijón caters to a broad spectrum of needs from basic language acquisition to advanced language proficiency.

Popular Language Schools in Gijón

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Gijón: This official language school is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and skilled instructors. Offering courses in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and, of course, Spanish, the school serves a wide array of students ranging from beginners to those seeking higher certification levels like DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera).

Instituto de Idiomas de la Universidad de Oviedo (Campus de Gijón): The University of Oviedo’s language institute on the Gijón campus provides university-level language instruction in multiple languages including Spanish. Their programs are particularly appealing to international students and professionals seeking academic advancement or career development.

Academia de Idiomas Speak: A private language academy located in the heart of Gijón. Known for its engaging teaching methods and small class sizes, Academia de Idiomas Speak offers courses in English, French, German, and Spanish tailored to suit a variety of learning styles and goals.

Spanish Language Courses in Gijón

Spanish language learning is particularly popular given Gijón’s location in Spain. Multiple institutions offer a range of courses that cater to different levels of proficiency.

Intensive Spanish Courses: For learners aiming to improve their Spanish rapidly, intensive courses provide a deep dive into the language with daily classes and immersive activities. These are ideal for tourists or short-term visitors.

DELE Preparation Courses: Many schools offer specific courses designed to prepare students for the DELE exams, which are official Spanish proficiency tests recognized worldwide.

Business Spanish: Tailored for professionals, these courses focus on vocabulary and situations encountered in the business world, enhancing communication skills in professional settings.

Conversational Spanish: Emphasizing practical speaking skills, these classes are less structured and encourage students to engage in discussions on various topics to boost their verbal abilities.

Language Courses for Expatriates and Travelers

Recognizing the diverse needs of expatriates and travelers, Gijón offers specialized courses that help these individuals acclimate to life in Spain or prepare for travel.

Survival Spanish: This course is designed for new arrivals who need basic Spanish skills to navigate everyday situations like shopping, dining out, and using public transport.

Customized Private Lessons: For those seeking a more personalized learning experience, private tutors are available. These sessions can be tailored to the learner’s specific objectives, schedule, and pace.

Cultural Immersion Programs: These programs combine language learning with cultural activities, providing a holistic experience of Spain’s rich heritage. Activities might include guided tours, traditional cooking classes, and local festivals.

Online Spanish Language Learning Options in Gijón

With the rise of digital education, many Gijón-based language schools have started offering online courses. This mode of learning caters to those who prefer flexibility or are unable to attend in-person classes due to logistical reasons.

Virtual Classroom Courses: These courses mimic traditional classroom settings but are conducted over video conferencing platforms. They often feature interactive elements like real-time discussions and digital whiteboards.

Self-Paced Online Modules: For learners with irregular schedules, self-paced online courses offer the freedom to learn at one’s own tempo without the constraint of scheduled classes.

Hybrid Learning: Some institutions in Gijón combine online education with occasional in-person sessions, offering a blend that benefits from both learning environments.


Gijón not only offers a picturesque setting but also a fertile ground for language learners. From bustling language schools to serene private tutoring, there is a learning environment for everyone. Whether you’re looking to dive deep into the Spanish language, pick up some survival phrases, or explore the linguistic diversity of the Asturias region, Gijón’s educational landscape is rich with opportunities. Embrace the immersive experience of learning a new language in this dynamic Spanish city.

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