Language Courses in Gdańsk

Overview of Language Learning Opportunities in Gdańsk

Gdańsk, a vibrant city on the Baltic coast of Poland, is not only rich in history and culture but also offers a plethora of language learning opportunities for both locals and international visitors. Whether you are looking to improve your Polish to better integrate into the local community, or want to learn a new language like English, German, or Spanish, Gdańsk provides a range of courses tailored to meet diverse needs and proficiency levels.

Polish Language Courses for Foreigners

University of Gdańsk – Center for Polish Language and Culture in the World

One of the prominent places for learning Polish in Gdańsk is the University of Gdańsk. Their Center for Polish Language and Culture offers various courses designed for foreigners. These courses range from intensive summer programs to semester-long courses, catering to different levels from beginners to advanced. The university employs experienced teachers and utilizes modern teaching aids to provide high-quality education.

Private Language Schools

Numerous private language schools in Gdańsk offer Polish language courses. These schools often provide flexible schedules, including evening and weekend classes, making it convenient for working professionals. Some notable schools include:
– Speak Up: Known for its interactive approach to language teaching.
– Berlitz: Offers personalized Polish language training that caters to individual learning speeds and styles.
– Callan School Gdańsk: Utilizes the Callan Method, known for its focus on speaking and listening skills.

English Language Courses

British International School Gdańsk

For those looking to enhance their English skills, the British International School Gdańsk offers various programs for children and adults. The school follows the British curriculum and places a strong emphasis on developing communication skills in a multicultural environment.

TELC UK Gdańsk

TELC UK provides a wide range of English language courses in Gdańsk, from general English courses to business English and preparation for English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. The school is known for its qualified native English-speaking teachers and its use of innovative learning materials.

Language Schools Offering English Courses

Several language schools in Gdańsk also offer English language courses tailored to different proficiency levels. Some of these include:
– Empire: Focuses on conversational skills and practical use of language.
– Leader School: Offers courses designed for both adults and children, emphasizing a personalized approach to language learning.

Other Foreign Language Courses

German Language Courses

Gdańsk’s proximity to Germany makes German a popular language choice among residents. Schools like Goethe-Institut and DeutschAkademie offer structured German language courses ranging from A1 to C2 levels. These courses are designed to improve grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills.

Spanish Language Courses

For Spanish language enthusiasts, Instituto Cervantes has a presence in Gdańsk. The institute offers courses based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and focuses on immersive learning experiences. Additionally, private schools like Escuela Española provide customized Spanish language classes suited for different age groups and learning objectives.

Language Learning for Specific Purposes

Business Language Courses

For professionals looking to hone their language skills for business purposes, many language schools offer specialized courses. These courses focus on business vocabulary, formal communication, and cultural nuances essential for conducting business internationally.

Language Courses for Travelers and Expats

Travelers and expats in Gdańsk can benefit from language courses designed to help them navigate daily life and integrate into the local community. These courses typically cover essential phrases, directions, shopping, and dining-related language skills.


Gdańsk is a hub for language learning, offering courses in Polish, English, German, Spanish, and more, tailored to various needs and levels. Whether you are a local seeking to learn a new language, a professional needing business-specific language skills, or a traveler looking to get by, Gdańsk has something for everyone. With its rich educational resources, experienced instructors, and diverse course offerings, Gdańsk continues to be an attractive destination for language learners from around the globe.

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