Language Courses in Curitiba

Overview of Language Learning in Curitiba

Curitiba, the capital of the Paraná state in Brazil, is not just known for its innovative urban planning but also for its vibrant educational scene. Among the myriad of learning opportunities, language courses stand out, offering locals and expatriates alike the chance to enhance their linguistic skills. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various language courses available in Curitiba, focusing on their unique offerings, locations, and how they cater to different learning needs.

Portuguese Language Courses in Curitiba

The Celin UFPR (Centro de Línguas e Interculturalidade)
The Celin UFPR is a part of the Federal University of Paraná and is highly respected for its quality language education. They offer Portuguese courses specifically designed for foreigners. These courses help learners acquire proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. With experienced instructors and a curriculum that addresses both grammar and conversational skills, Celin UFPR is ideal for expatriates looking to integrate seamlessly into Brazil’s cultural and professional landscapes.

Speak Portuguese Brazil
This language school offers personalized Portuguese lessons that are tailored to meet individual learning goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Speak Portuguese Brazil provides private and group classes, both online and in-person, using dynamic teaching methods to enhance learning efficiency and enjoyment.

English Language Courses in Curitiba

Cultural Center Brazil-USA (CCBEUC)
As one of the most established language institutes in Curitiba, CCBEUC specializes in English language education. It has a partnership with the United States Embassy and offers a variety of courses from basic to advanced levels. The school is known for its American-style approach to teaching and its use of interactive tools to improve language retention.

Fisk Curitiba
Fisk is a renowned language school in Brazil and offers its services in Curitiba as well. Known for its innovative methodology, Fisk provides English courses that cater to all age groups. The courses are structured to progress from basic language skills to more complex linguistic and grammatical concepts, making it suitable for comprehensive English learning.

Spanish Language Courses in Curitiba

Instituto Cervantes
The Instituto Cervantes is a worldwide non-profit organization created by the Spanish government. It offers Spanish language classes that promise immersive learning experiences. The courses are designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and are taught by native Spanish speakers, ensuring authentic language acquisition.

Wizard Curitiba
Wizard by Pearson offers extensive Spanish courses that are popular among students of all ages. Their teaching methodology includes Wizard’s unique audio-visual and interactive resources, which help students engage more thoroughly with the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

French Language Courses in Curitiba

Alliance Française de Curitiba
Alliance Française has a global reputation for excellence in French language education and its branch in Curitiba is no exception. The institution offers a range of French language courses, from beginner to advanced levels, and includes specialized classes for business French. Cultural activities and events frequently organized by the Alliance also provide students with a deeper understanding of French culture.

Senac Paraná
Senac Paraná offers courses in French language that are well-structured to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced learners. With experienced teachers and a focus on communicative competence, Senac’s courses are designed to boost confidence in all aspects of the French language.

German Language Courses in Curitiba

Goethe-Institut Curitiba
The Goethe-Institut is Germany’s cultural institute and is known globally for its high-quality German language courses. The Curitiba branch offers a range of courses that cater to various proficiency levels and utilizes a communicative approach to language teaching, emphasizing practical usage in everyday situations.

Wizard Curitiba
Alongside English and Spanish, Wizard Curitiba also provides courses in German. Leveraging their multi-language expertise, Wizard’s German courses incorporate multimedia tools and real-life scenarios to ensure that students not only learn the language but also understand the cultural nuances associated with it.

Japanese Language Courses in Curitiba

Centro Brasil-Japão
The Centro Brasil-Japão in Curitiba offers dedicated Japanese language courses that aim to bridge the gap between Brazil and Japan through language and cultural exchange. Their courses are structured to cater to different levels and focus on both language and cultural education.

Nihongo Curitiba
Nihongo Curitiba specializes in Japanese language instruction. With courses designed to cater to beginners through to advanced learners, they focus on comprehensive language skills including writing, reading, speaking, and understanding, ensuring a well-rounded grasp of the language.


Curitiba’s diverse language learning facilities reflect its cosmopolitan nature and its commitment to cultural integration and personal growth. Whether you’re looking to learn a new language for travel, career advancement, or personal enrichment, Curitiba offers a range of options that cater to various needs and preferences. By choosing the right course, you can embark on a rewarding journey towards achieving linguistic proficiency and a deeper appreciation of another culture.

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