Language Courses in Columbus

Overview of Language Learning Opportunities in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio, stands as a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, hosting a diverse population that makes it a fertile ground for language learning. Whether for personal enrichment, professional advancement, or cultural exploration, Columbus offers a variety of courses across multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and many others.

Spanish Language Courses in Columbus

The Ohio State University
The Ohio State University offers a comprehensive range of Spanish courses that cater to beginners through to advanced learners. The courses focus on developing speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. They also offer specialized classes in Spanish for professions such as healthcare and law, which are ideal for professionals looking to expand their bilingual capabilities in specific fields.

Columbus State Community College
Columbus State Community College provides affordable Spanish language courses, which are perfect for individuals looking to learn the language for travel, work, or personal interest. Their classes range from introductory to intermediate levels, providing a solid foundation in the language.

Private Language Schools
Several private language schools in Columbus, such as the Berlitz Language Center and Columbus Language Services, offer personalized Spanish language training. These schools provide options for private or group classes, flexible scheduling, and tailored curriculums to suit individual learning goals and styles.

French Language Courses in Columbus

Alliance Française de Columbus
The Alliance Française de Columbus is a part of a worldwide network dedicated to promoting French language and culture. It offers a variety of French classes, workshops, and cultural events. Classes are available for all levels and ages, including children, making it a family-friendly option for learning French.

The Ohio State University
At The Ohio State University, students can take advantage of a broad spectrum of French language courses. These courses not only focus on language learning but also incorporate aspects of Francophone cultures, enhancing the overall learning experience.

German Language Courses in Columbus

Germania Singing & Sport Society
The Germania Singing & Sport Society in Columbus not only promotes German culture through various activities but also offers German language classes. These classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate learners who wish to learn the language in a culturally immersive environment.

The Ohio State University
For those looking for a more academic approach, The Ohio State University provides extensive German language courses. The curriculum includes beginner to advanced levels and covers comprehensive language skills, literary studies, and cultural insights.

Chinese Language Courses in Columbus

Columbus Chinese Language School
The Columbus Chinese Language School specializes in Mandarin Chinese instruction and caters to all ages and skill levels. Classes are held on weekends, making it convenient for students and working professionals. The school also emphasizes cultural learning, offering events and activities that give insights into Chinese traditions.

The Ohio State University
The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at The Ohio State University offers a range of Chinese language courses. These courses are designed to help students achieve fluency in Mandarin and understand Chinese culture. Advanced courses delve into areas of business Chinese and Chinese literature.

Other Language Courses in Columbus

Columbus also offers courses in less commonly taught languages, providing unique opportunities for language learners.

Japanese: The Ohio State University
The university provides courses in Japanese that range from introductory to advanced levels. These courses focus on language acquisition and also offer cultural education through events and exchange programs.

The Language Flagship Program
The Language Flagship Program at The Ohio State University offers advanced training in critical languages such as Russian and Arabic. This program is designed for students committed to achieving superior language proficiency.

Portuguese: The Ohio State University
Portuguese language courses at The Ohio State University cater to both beginners and advanced learners. The curriculum includes Brazilian Portuguese, focusing on both language and cultural studies.

Korean Language and Culture Program: The Ohio State University
This program offers comprehensive Korean language education, from elementary to advanced levels, along with cultural immersion activities like Korean film screenings and culinary sessions.


Columbus, Ohio, offers a rich array of language learning opportunities tailored to meet the needs of its diverse population. From major world languages like Spanish and Chinese to less commonly taught languages, learners of all ages and backgrounds can find courses that cater to their interests and goals. Whether through formal university courses, community colleges, private schools, or cultural organizations, Columbus provides robust resources for anyone looking to broaden their linguistic and cultural horizons.

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