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Which language do you want to learn?

Words to Describe Weather in Ukrainian

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Learning a language encompasses many facets, including the ability to describe the weather, which is a common topic of conversation. In Ukrainian, there are various words to describe weather conditions. Below is a selection of vocabulary that will help you discuss the weather like a native speaker.

Погода (pohoda) – Weather
This is a general term used to describe the weather.
Яка зараз погода? – What’s the weather like now?

Сонячно (sonyachno) – Sunny
Describes when the sun is shining and there are few or no clouds.
Сьогодні дуже сонячно. – It’s very sunny today.

Хмарно (khmarno) – Cloudy
There is significant cloud cover in the sky.
На небі немає сонця, дуже хмарно. – There is no sun in the sky, it’s very cloudy.

Дощ (doshch) – Rain
Water falling from the sky in the form of liquid precipitation.
Ллє дощ цілий день. – It has been raining all day.

Сніг (snih) – Snow
Frozen precipitation falling from the sky, white in color.
Зранку йде сніг. – It’s snowing in the morning.

Туман (tuman) – Fog
A cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the Earth’s surface that obscures or limits visibility.
Коли їдемо за місто, утворюється туман. – When we drive out of town, fog forms.

Мороз (moroz) – Frost/Freeze
The formation of thin ice crystals on the ground or other surfaces due to below freezing temperatures.
Сьогодні зранку був мороз. – There was frost this morning.

Вітер (viter) – Wind
Air in motion relative to the earth’s surface.
Вітер дуже сильний сьогодні. – The wind is very strong today.

Гроза (hroza) – Thunderstorm
A storm with thunder and lightning and typically also heavy rain or hail.
Чи йде гроза? Мені здається, що я чую грім. – Is there a thunderstorm? I think I hear thunder.

Шторм (shtorm) – Storm
A violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.
На морі очікується шторм. – A storm is expected at sea.

Тепло (teplo) – Warm
A moderate level of heat.
Сьогодні досить тепло для весни. – It’s quite warm today for spring.

Жарко (zharco) – Hot
A high temperature, especially of the weather, leading to feelings of heat discomfort.
В серпні завжди жарко. – It’s always hot in August.

Прохолодно (prokholodno) – Cool
A slightly cold temperature that is pleasantly refreshing.
Вечорами стає прохолодно. – It gets cool in the evenings.

Холодно (kholodno) – Cold
Low temperatures that can be uncomfortable and require warm clothing.
Чому так холодно в кімнаті? – Why is it so cold in the room?

Заметіль (zametil) – Blizzard
A severe snowstorm with strong winds and reduced visibility.
Дороги закриті через заметіль. – The roads are closed due to the blizzard.

Knowing these words will allow you to have more meaningful conversations about the weather with Ukrainian speakers. Practice them in context, and soon enough, discussing the weather will become second nature in your new language. Enjoy your language learning journey and stay curious about all the new words and phrases you can discover!

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