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Words for Describing Physical Appearances in Korean

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Learning a new language includes understanding how to describe the world around us, and a significant part of that is being able to describe people’s physical appearances. Korean, like any language, has a rich vocabulary pertaining to this aspect. Here’s a comprehensive list of words to enhance your Korean when talking about how someone looks:

(ki) – This word is used to describe someone’s height.
그 사람은 키가 매우 큽니다.
(This person is very tall.)

머리 (meori) – Refers to the hair on one’s head.
그녀는 긴 갈색 머리를 가지고 있어요.
(She has long brown hair.)

얼굴 (eolgul) – This term means face; it’s quite common in descriptions.
그는 웃는 얼굴이 아주 예쁩니다.
(He has a very pretty smiling face.)

(nun) – Eyes; one of the most noticeable features on a person’s face.
그녀는 크고 둥근 눈을 가졌어요.
(She has big and round eyes.)

(ko) – Nose; an important facial feature that can be described in many ways.
그의 코는 조금 곧아요.
(His nose is somewhat straight.)

(ip) – Mouth; another facial feature that is often described when talking about appearances.
그는 큰 입을 가지고 있어요.
(He has a big mouth.)

피부 (pibu) – Skin; you might want to talk about the color, texture, or clarity of someone’s skin.
그녀는 맑고 밝은 피부를 가졌어요.
(She has clear and bright skin.)

몸매 (mommae) – Physique or figure; commonly used to talk about someone’s body shape.
그는 운동을 많이 해서 탄탄한 몸매를 가지고 있어요.
(He works out a lot and has a fit physique.)

근육 (geunyuk) – Muscles; a word often used to describe someone’s muscular build.
그는 몇 년 동안 체육관에 다닌 결과 근육이 많이 생겼어요.
(Due to years of gym, he’s grown a lot of muscles.)

옷차림 (otchareum) – This refers to the way someone is dressed.
오늘 그의 옷차림은 정말 세련됐어요.
(His outfit today is really chic.)

안경 (angyeong) – Glasses; especially used when someone is wearing spectacles.
그는 검은 안경을 쓰고 있어지적으로 보여요.
(He’s wearing black glasses and looks intellectual.)

매력적 (maeryeokjeok) – Attractive; used when someone has a charming appearance.
그녀는 정말 매력적인 미소를 가지고 있어요.
(She has a really attractive smile.)

Learning to describe physical appearance in Korean isn’t just about expanding your vocabulary. It’s about being able to partake in everyday conversations, share your observations, and connect with the Korean culture on a deeper level. Whether you’re planning to travel to Korea, watch Korean dramas without subtitles, or simply want to describe your favorite K-pop idols, these words will serve as a great starting point for your journey into descriptive Korean.

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