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Words for Describing Personalities in Bosnian

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Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities to connect with others, and describing people is one of the first skills you’ll use, whether you’re speaking about someone you’ve met or talking about characters in a story. When learning Bosnian, understanding the words for different personality traits can be incredibly useful. Here are some useful Bosnian adjectives to describe someone’s personality, complete with definitions and example sentences.

Dobrodušan translates to “good-natured” or “kind-hearted” in English. It describes someone who is friendly, pleasant, and inclined to do good.

Ona je jako dobrodušna osoba, uvijek spremna pomoći drugima.

Komunikativan is the Bosnian word for “communicative” or “outgoing.” This describes a person who finds it easy to talk to others and enjoys engaging in conversations.

Moj brat je veoma komunikativan; nikada nema problema upoznati nove ljude.

Stidljiv means “shy” or “timid.” A stidljiv person may feel nervous or uncomfortable around others, especially in unfamiliar situations.

Iako je stidljiv u novim društvima, vrlo je talentiran glumac na pozornici.

Uporan corresponds to “persistent” or “determined.” This word describes an individual who doesn’t easily give up and is persistent in their efforts.

On je vrlo uporan u svom radu i uvijek završava projekte na vrijeme.

Optimističan translates to “optimistic.” An optimističan person has a positive outlook on life and always expects the best outcome.

Bez obzira na okolnosti, ona ostaje optimistična.

Pesimističan means “pessimistic.” In contrast to an optimist, a pesimističan individual tends to see the less favorable side of things and often expects the worst.

Iako su šanse dobre, on je ipak pesimističan po pitanju ishoda.

Ambiciozan describes someone who is “ambitious.” This person has a strong desire to succeed or achieve something significant.

Njena ambicioznost ju je dovela do vrha njene profesionalne karijere.

Osjećajan corresponds to “sensitive” or “empathetic.” It defines someone who is easily moved emotionally and shows a great deal of empathy towards others.

On je vrlo osjećajan i uvijek razumije probleme svojih prijatelja.

Sramežljiv is another word for “shy” in Bosnian, similar to “stidljiv,” but can carry a connotation of feeling embarrassed more easily than someone who is simply timid.

Ona je malo sramežljiva, pa rijetko govori u grupnim diskusijama.

Kreativan means “creative,” indicating someone who is inventive or has original ideas or ways of thinking.

Njegove kreativne ideje često doprinose uspjehu naših projekata.

Društven corresponds to “sociable” or “friendly.” A društven person enjoys being in the company of others and participating in social activities.

Ona je vrlo društvena i uvijek je srce zabave.

Samouvjeren translates to “self-confident.” This word describes an individual who is confident in their own abilities and judgment.

Njegova samouvjerenost mu pomaže da ostane smiren pod pritiskom.

By incorporating these words for describing personalities into your Bosnian vocabulary, you’ll be able to provide a detailed portrayal of the people you meet or describe. Whether in conversation with native speakers or writing in Bosnian, these adjectives will help you express yourself more precisely and expand your understanding of the language and culture.

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