Words and phrases in French for beauty and grooming

Understanding and using the right words and phrases in French related to beauty and grooming can greatly enhance your conversation skills, especially when discussing routines, visiting salons, or simply complementing someone’s appearance. Let’s explore some of the essential French vocabulary in this domain, along with their definitions and example sentences to help you incorporate them into your everyday language.

Beauté translates to “beauty.” It’s a noun that can refer to the quality of being physically attractive or the quality that gives pleasure to the senses.
Elle a reçu de nombreux compliments sur sa beauté naturelle.

Coiffure means “hairstyle” or “hairdressing.” It’s related to the style in which someone’s hair is cut or arranged.
Il a ouvert un salon de coiffure dans le centre-ville.

Maquillage is the French word for “makeup.” It refers to cosmetics applied to the face to enhance or alter one’s appearance.
Elle prend des cours pour apprendre les techniques de maquillage professionnel.

Soins de la peau
Soins de la peau means “skincare.” It encompasses all the routines, treatments, and products used to take care of one’s skin.
Depuis qu’il utilise de meilleurs soins de la peau, son visage est beaucoup plus clair.

Manucure refers to a “manicure,” which is the cosmetic treatment for the hands and fingernails.
Elle a choisi une manucure française pour son mariage.

Pédicure means “pedicure,” the cosmetic treatment for the feet and toenails.
Une pédicure est parfaite après une longue semaine sur ses pieds.

Parfum is the French term for “perfume” or “fragrance,” used to describe a pleasant scent.
Il lui a offert un parfum de luxe pour son anniversaire.

Mascara is similar to the English word “mascara,” which is used to enhance the eyelashes.
Son mascara est résistant à l’eau, idéal pour les jours de pluie.

Rouge à lèvres
Rouge à lèvres translates to “lipstick.” It is a product applied to the lips to add color and sometimes texture.
Elle a trouvé le parfait rouge à lèvres pour compléter son look de soirée.

Fond de teint
Fond de teint means “foundation.” It’s a type of makeup applied to the face to create an even, uniform color, to cover flaws, or to change the natural skin tone.
Son fond de teint lui donne une peau lisse et sans imperfection.

Épilation translates as “hair removal.” It refers to the process of removing body hair, including shaving, waxing, or using other hair removal techniques.
L’épilation à la cire peut être un peu douloureuse mais elle dure plus longtemps.

Blush, similar to English, refers to the cosmetic product used to add a pink or reddish tint to the cheeks.
Un peu de blush sur les joues peut vraiment revitaliser le teint.

Bien-être means “well-being” and is often used in the context of beauty to talk about the overall feeling of health and happiness, which can be enhanced by grooming and beauty procedures.
Un bon massage peut contribuer à un sentiment global de bien-être.

While this is not an exhaustive list, mastering these words and phrases will give you a solid foundation in the French language for beauty and grooming. Remember that practice makes perfect, so try using these words in conversations to improve your fluency and confidence.

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