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Words and Phrases for Personal Care and Hygiene in Japanese

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Personal care and hygiene are essential parts of our daily lives. When learning Japanese, knowing vocabulary related to this topic can be particularly useful, whether you’re shopping for products, staying at a hotel, or simply discussing personal routines. Here’s a list of words and phrases that will help you talk about personal care and hygiene in Japanese:

身体 (からだ) – Body
This is a general term for the body in Japanese.
(I washed my body after entering the bath.)

手 (て) – Hand
The word for ‘hand’ in Japanese.
(Please wash your hands well with soap.)

歯 (は) – Tooth
This is the Japanese word for ‘tooth’.
(It’s important to brush your teeth every day.)

髪 (かみ) – Hair
This term refers to the hair, typically on the head.
(What kind of shampoo do you use to wash your hair?)

石鹸 (せっけん) – Soap
This is the word for ‘soap’, an essential part of hygiene routines.
(My hands became clean with soap.)

シャンプー – Shampoo
‘Borrowed’ from English, this word is used in Japan to refer to shampoo.
(I bought a new shampoo.)

コンディショナー – Conditioner
Another ‘borrowed’ word, it refers to hair conditioner in Japan.
(Using conditioner makes your hair smooth.)

歯ブラシ (はぶらし) – Toothbrush
The tool used for brushing teeth in Japanese.
(It’s time to buy a new toothbrush.)

歯磨き粉 (はみがきこ) – Toothpaste
This compound word is used for ‘toothpaste’ in Japanese.
(What flavor of toothpaste do you like?)

タオル – Towel
This word in Japanese is pronounced similarly to the English word ‘towel’.
(This towel is very soft.)

ボディーソープ – Body Soap
Another term borrowed from English, used to refer to liquid body soap.
(I’ve started using body soap.)

洗面器 (せんめんき) – Washbasin
This word is used to describe a sink or basin where one washes their face or hands.
(Please drain the water in the washbasin.)

化粧 (けしょう) – Makeup
The word for ‘makeup’ in Japanese, covering all cosmetic products.
(She is good at applying makeup.)

化粧水 (けしょうすい) – Toner
This term is used for a facial toner or freshener.
(Skin becomes moisturized when you apply toner.)

クレンジング – Cleansing
This is the process of removing makeup or impurities from the skin.
(Let’s clean off the makeup properly with cleansing.)

爪切り (つめきり) – Nail clippers
The tool used for cutting nails in Japanese.
(I need to buy new nail clippers.)

爪やすり (つめやすり) – Nail file
A tool used to shape the edges of nails after cutting them.
(I shaped my nails with a nail file.)

Understanding these terms can help you navigate through daily conversations and personal care shopping in Japan, making your experience less intimidating and much more enriching. Remember, practicing these words and phrases will improve your fluency and overall confidence in using the Japanese language.

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