Welsh Words for Family and Relationships

Welsh, or Cymraeg, is a Celtic language spoken primarily in Wales and by the Welsh diaspora. As a language rich in history and culture, Welsh offers a unique perspective on family and relationships through its vocabulary. Understanding these words can deepen your appreciation of the Welsh language and culture, whether you are a language learner or a visitor to Wales.

### Basic Family Terms

Family plays a significant role in Welsh society, and the language reflects this importance with a variety of terms for family members. The word for family in Welsh is “teulu.” Here are some fundamental family-related terms:

Mam – Mother
“Mae fy mam yn coginio.” (My mother is cooking.)
Tad – Father
“Mae fy nhad yn gweithio yn y swyddfa.” (My father works in the office.)
Brawd – Brother
“Mae gan fy mrawd gi.” (My brother has a dog.)
Chwaer – Sister
“Mae fy chwaer yn astudio yn y brifysgol.” (My sister is studying at the university.)
Nain and Taid – Grandmother and Grandfather respectively
“Mae fy nain a fy nhaid yn byw yng Nghymru.” (My grandmother and grandfather live in Wales.)
Wyr (grandson) and Wyres (granddaughter)
“Dyma fy wyr, Steffan.” (This is my grandson, Steffan.)

### Extended Family and In-Laws

The Welsh language includes specific terms for extended family members and in-laws, emphasizing the importance of these relationships.

Ewythr – Uncle
“Mae fy ewythr yn hoffi pysgota.” (My uncle likes fishing.)
Modryb – Aunt
“Mae gan fy modryb ddau gi.” (My aunt has two dogs.)
Cefnder and Cyfnither – Male and Female Cousins respectively
“Mae fy nghyfnither yn canu yn y côr.” (My cousin (female) sings in the choir.)
Brawd-yng-nghyfraith and Chwaer-yng-nghyfraith – Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law
“Mae fy mrawd-yng-nghyfraith yn athro mathemateg.” (My brother-in-law is a math teacher.)

### Terms of Endearment and Affection

Welsh also has several terms to express affection, which are often used among family members.

Annwyl – Dear
“Helô, fy annwyl.” (Hello, my dear.)
Cariad – Love
“Ti yw fy nghariad i.” (You are my love.)
Fy nghalon – My heart
“Fy nghalon, dw i’n dy garu di.” (My heart, I love you.)

### Relationship Status

Discussing relationship status is common, and knowing these terms can be helpful in social settings.

Priod – Spouse
“Dyma fy mriod, Elen.” (This is my spouse, Elen.)
Carwr and Carwres – Boyfriend and Girlfriend
“Mae gen i garwr newydd.” (I have a new boyfriend.)
Sengl – Single
“Dw i’n sengl ar hyn o bryd.” (I am single at the moment.)
Yn briod – Married
“Maen nhw’n briod ers deng mlynedd.” (They have been married for ten years.)

### Common Phrases Related to Family and Relationships

Here are some common phrases that might be useful when discussing family and relationships in Welsh:

“Sut mae dy deulu?” (How is your family?)
“Mae gen i ddau o blant.” (I have two children.)
“Pryd wyt ti’n mynd i ymweld â’th nain a’th daid?” (When are you going to visit your grandma and grandpa?)

By learning these Welsh words and phrases, you can engage more deeply with the Welsh-speaking community, whether you’re visiting Wales or meeting Welsh speakers elsewhere. Embracing the language is a wonderful way to show respect for Welsh culture and to foster closer relationships with those who hold it dear.

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