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Weather-Related Vocabulary in Belarusian

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Learning a new language can be an exciting journey, and one of the great ways to start is by familiarizing oneself with common vocabulary. In this article, we will focus on weather-related terms in Belarusian, a Slavic language spoken by the people of Belarus. Whether you’re planning to visit Belarus, or just looking to expand your linguistic horizons, these words will surely be a great addition to your vocabulary.

Надвор’е (nadvoŕje) – Weather
This is a general term for weather in Belarusian.
Сёння ў нас хорашае надвор’е.

Сонца (sonca) – Sun
Used to describe the sun or sunny weather.
На вуліцы сонечна і прыемна.

Аблока (ablaka) – Cloud
This word refers to a single cloud in the sky.
Зараз нябо чыстае, без аблокаў.

Воблакі (voblakі) – Clouds
The plural form of cloud, referring to multiple clouds in the sky.
Воблакі захавалі сонца.

Дождж (doždž) – Rain
For those wet days when you need to carry an umbrella.
Здаецца, пачынаецца дождж.

Снег (sneɡ) – Snow
The word for snow, which is very common during Belarusian winters.
На вуліцах ляжыць чысты снег.

Туман (tuman) – Fog
For those mornings when the mist is thick and visibility is low.
Раніцай быў густы туман.

Маланка (malanka) – Sleet
When rain meets snow, you get sleet.
Сёння ўвечары абяцаюць маланку.

Гром (hrom) – Thunder
The sound that accompanies a lightning storm.
За акном чуваць гром.

Бліскавіца (blіskavіca) – Lightning
The flash of light in the sky during a storm.
Бліскавіца асвятляла неба.

Вецер (viecer) – Wind
This word refers to the movement of air, often cool in nature.
Сільны вецер можа зламаць дрэвы.

Шторм (štorɡm) – Storm
A strong weather condition with wind, rain, thunder, and lightning.
Мы засталіся ў доме падчас шторму.

Тэмпература (tэmpieratura) – Temperature
A measure of how hot or cold the weather is.
Тэмпература сёння адчуваецца вышэй, чым звычайна.

Цяпло (cяplo) – Warm
Describes a comfortable level of heat in the atmosphere.
Сёння цяпло — не трэба шапкі.

Холад (cholad) – Cold
The feeling you get when the temperature drops and you need to bundle up.
Надвор’е холаднае, варта адзець тэплы светр.

Замярзаньне (zamiažann’e) – Freezing
Describes the weather condition when water turns to ice.
Тэмпература ніжэй за нуль, наступіла замярзаньне.

Understanding these weather-related terms can not only help you plan your day while in Belarus but also engage in conversations with locals about common experiences like the weather. Remember, practice makes perfect, so try to use these new words in context, and soon you’ll feel more confident speaking about the надвор’е in Belarusian!

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