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Vocabulary for Planning Events and Parties in Chinese

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Planning events and parties can be a fun and exciting process, but it also requires a good deal of organization and preparation. When you’re doing this in a foreign language like Chinese, knowing the right vocabulary is essential. Here is a list of pertinent Chinese vocabulary that will help you plan events and parties with ease:

活动 (huódòng) – event, activity
This word is used to describe any event or activity in a general sense.

派对 (pàiduì) – party
This is a generic term for any kind of party, be it casual or formal.

邀请 (yāoqǐng) – to invite
This verb is used when you are inviting someone to an event or party.

宾客 (bīnkè) – guest
The people who are invited to an event or party are referred to as guests.

场地 (chǎngdì) – venue
A place or location where an event or party is being held.

策划 (cèhuà) – to plan; planning
This word pertains to the planning or strategizing part of event organization.

预算 (yùsuàn) – budget
The amount of money that is allocated for the event or party.

装饰 (zhuāngshì) – decoration
The process of decorating the venue to make it appealing for an event or party.

邀请函 (yāoqǐng hán) – invitation
A written or electronic document requesting the presence of guests.

节目 (jiémù) – program, performance
Activities or performances scheduled during an event.

主办方 (zhǔbànfāng) – organizer
The person or organization responsible for planning and conducting an event.

音响 (yīnxiǎng) – sound system
The audio equipment used for providing music or sound during an event or party.

餐饮 (cānyǐn) – catering, food, and drink
The provision of food and drinks for an event or party.

佈置 (bùzhì) – layout, arrangement
Refers to the arrangement of decorations, seats, tables, etc., in the venue.

确认 (quèrèn) – to confirm
To validate or finalize arrangements or the number of guests.

喜宴 (xǐyàn) – banquet, wedding feast
A large, formal meal for many people, often following a wedding.

By learning these words and phrases, you are well on your way to planning successful events and parties in Chinese. Remember that practicing these terms within the context of an actual planning will help solidify them in your memory. Happy planning!

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