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Vehicle and Transportation Terms in Afrikaans

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Learning a new language often involves picking up vocabulary related to everyday themes, such as transportation. The following are some of the key vehicle and transportation terms in Afrikaans along with their definitions and examples.

This translates to “car” in English.
Ek het gister ‘n nuwe motor gekoop.

This word means “truck” and is used to refer to larger vehicles designed to carry cargo.
Daar is ‘n vragmotor op die pad wat vrag vervoer.

Similar to English, “bus” refers to a large motor vehicle designed to carry passengers.
Die bus na Kaapstad vertrek oor vyftien minute.

This term refers to “motorcycle” or “motorbike.”
Hy ry elke dag werk toe op sy motorfiets.

In Afrikaans, a “fiets” is a “bicycle.”
Kan jy fiets ry sonder om jou hande te gebruik?

This word is used for “train,” a series of vehicles traveling on railways.
Die trein van Johannesburg na Durban is altyd stiptelik.

The word remains the same in Afrikaans and refers to a car licensed to transport passengers in return for payment.
Ek het ‘n taxi geroep om my na die lughawe te neem.

A “vliegtuig” is an “airplane” in English.
Ons vliegtuig na Londen vertrek om twee-uur die middag.

This term means “ship” and refers to a large watercraft that travels the world’s oceans and other sufficiently deep waterways.
Die skip het honderde passasiers aan boord.

Meaning “boat,” it’s a smaller-sized watercraft.
Ons het ‘n boot gehuur vir die naweek.

In Afrikaans, this refers to a “trailer,” which is an unpowered vehicle typically towed by a powered vehicle.
Die treiler is gelaai met kamptoerusting.

This is the term for “station wagon,” a car with a full-height body all the way to the rear; the cargo area is shared with the passenger area.
Ons het ‘n stasiewa vir die lang pad gekies.

A colloquial term for a “pickup truck” in South Africa.
Hy laai al die hout op die bakkie.

These are some of the core terms you’ll encounter or use when discussing vehicles and transportation in Afrikaans. Incorporating these into everyday conversation can help solidify your grasp of the language and broaden your vocabulary for practical situations involving travel and transportation.

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