Useful Italian Phrases for Shopping

Shopping in Italy can be a delightful experience, but it’s made even more enjoyable when you can interact and communicate effectively with shopkeepers and locals. Knowing some basic Italian phrases can go a long way in enhancing your shopping experience. Here are some useful Italian phrases to help you shop like a pro.

Quanto costa?
This means “How much does it cost?” It’s an essential phrase when you want to inquire about the price of an item that caught your eye.
Mi scusi, quanto costa questa borsa?

Posso provare?
It translates to “Can I try this on?” Use this phrase when you’re clothes shopping and you need to check the fit before purchasing.
Posso provare questo vestito, per favore?

Vorrei questo, per favore.
It means “I would like this, please.” A polite way to indicate you’ve made your choice and are ready to buy.
Vorrei questo paio di scarpe, per favore.

Posso pagare con la carta?
This translates to “Can I pay with a card?” It’s always good to know if the establishment accepts credit or debit card payments.
Posso pagare con la carta o solo contanti?

Dove posso trovare…?
This question means “Where can I find…?” It’s useful when you’re looking for a specific shop or item within a larger store or shopping area.
Dove posso trovare un negozio di elettronica?

Avete taglie diverse?
This phrase means “Do you have different sizes?” A must-ask if the item you’ve tried on doesn’t fit quite right.
Questo è troppo piccolo, avete taglie diverse?

È in saldo?
Meaning “Is it on sale?” A handy phrase to know during sale seasons or if you’re looking for a bargain.
Queste scarpe sono molto belle, sono in saldo?

Posso avere uno sconto?
This translates to “Can I have a discount?” Sometimes, particularly in markets, there’s room to negotiate on price.
È possibile avere uno sconto su questi articoli?

Avete qualcosa di meno costoso?
It means “Do you have something less expensive?” If what you’re looking at is over your budget, this phrase will come in handy.
Mi piace molto, ma avete qualcosa di meno costoso?

Potrebbe farmi un pacchetto regalo?
This phrase means “Could you gift-wrap it?” Use this when you’re buying a gift and you’d like it wrapped.
È per un regalo, potrebbe farmi un pacchetto regalo, per favore?

It means “Do you have…?” This is a general question to inquire if the store carries a specific item you’re looking for.
Avete i libri in inglese qui?

Whether you’re sourcing the streets of Milan for fashion or searching for souvenirs in a small Tuscan village, these phrases will make shopping in Italy a smoother and more pleasant experience. Remember, a smile and a polite “grazie” (thank you) at the end of your transaction will also go a long way! Buon shopping!

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