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Ukrainian Phrases Useful in Business Settings

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When embarking on business ventures in Ukraine, it’s important to equip yourself with some essential Ukrainian phrases. Doing so not only facilitates clear communication but also shows your respect for the local business culture. Below are some useful Ukrainian phrases and vocabulary that you’ll find invaluable in business settings.

Ласкаво просимо (Laskavo prosymo) – Welcome.
This phrase is commonly used to greet someone in a polite and friendly manner.
Наш офіс завжди відкритий, ласкаво просимо!

Добрий ранок (Dobryi ranok) – Good morning.
A standard greeting used when meeting someone in the morning.
Добрий ранок, давайте почнемо нашу зустріч.

Добрий день (Dobryi den) – Good afternoon.
This phrase is used to greet someone during the day, usually from noon until early evening.
Добрий день, я радий вас бачити.

Дякую (Dyakuyu) – Thank you.
An expression of gratitude, it’s polite and good manners to say this in a business context.
Дякую за ваш час та увагу.

Будь ласка (Bud’ laska) – Please.
Use this phrase to politely ask for something or to offer something in a courteous way.
Будь ласка, перегляньте цей документ.

Вибачте (Vybachte) – Excuse me/Sorry.
This is used to get someone’s attention or to apologize for a minor mistake.
Вибачте, чи можу я задати питання?

Чудово (Chudovo) – Wonderful/Great.
Express enthusiasm or approval in a business setting with this word.
Результати проекту виглядають чудово!

Звісно (Zvisno) – Of course/Certainly.
A positive response to a request or suggestion.
Звісно, я перешлю інформацію сьогодні.

Погоджуюсь (Pohodzhuyus’) – I agree.
Use this phrase to show consensus or approval of an idea or proposal.
Погоджуюсь, цей план виглядає обнадійливо.

Скільки це коштує? (Skilky tse koshtuye?) – How much does this cost?
It’s important to know how to inquire about the price in any business transaction.
Скільки це коштує виконати цей проект?

Можемо обговорити це? (Mozhemo obhovoryty tse?) – Can we discuss this?
A good starter phrase for initiating a conversation about specific business matters.
Можемо обговорити це після обіду?

Я згоден з умовами (Ya zghoden z umovamy) – I agree to the terms.
Useful for expressing agreement on contract terms or conditions in a negotiation.
Я згоден з умовами, можемо підписати контракт.

Я б хотів замовити… (Ya b khotiv zamovyty…) – I would like to order….
This phrase is vital when requesting services or placing orders.
Я б хотів замовити ці послуги на наступний місяць.

Learning these Ukrainian phrases will not only assist you in navigating through various business scenarios but also reflect your willingness to embrace the local business etiquette. With practice, you’ll soon find yourself communicating more efficiently and building strong bridges in your business relationships within Ukraine.

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