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Time and Date Related Phrases in Afrikaans

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Learning a new language involves understanding various elements, one of which is how to express time and date. In Afrikaans, a language spoken primarily in South Africa and Namibia, knowing time and date related phrases is essential for daily communication. Here is a guide to some key phrases and vocabulary that will help you discuss time and dates in Afrikaans.

Definition: Day
Vandag is ‘n pragtige dag. (Today is a beautiful day.)

Definition: Night
Die sterre skyn helder vannag. (The stars are shining brightly tonight.)

Definition: Hour
Ek sal jou oor ‘n uur sien. (I will see you in an hour.)

Definition: Minute
Wag asseblief ‘n paar minute. (Please wait a few minutes.)

Definition: Week
Ek sal volgende week op vakansie gaan. (I will go on holiday next week.)

Definition: Weekend
Ons kan dalk die naweek ‘n fliek gaan kyk. (We could perhaps go watch a movie this weekend.)

Definition: Month
Die verjaardagpartytjie is in Maart maand. (The birthday party is in the month of March.)

Definition: Year
Dit was ‘n moeilike jaar vir almal. (It was a difficult year for everyone.)

Definition: Date
Wat is die datum vir die vergadering? (What is the date for the meeting?)

Definition: Season
Die somer is my gunsteling seisoen. (Summer is my favorite season.)

Definition: Morning
Ek sal jou môreoggend skakel. (I will call you tomorrow morning.)

Definition: Afternoon
Kom ons ontmoet Middagete tyd. (Let’s meet at lunchtime in the afternoon.)

Definition: Evening
Ons het planne vir vanaand. (We have plans for this evening.)

Definition: Weekend (alternative term)
Die naweek was te kort! (The weekend was too short!)

Definition: Yesterday
Het jy die nuus van gister gesien? (Did you see the news from yesterday?)

Definition: Today
Vandag is ‘n goeie dag om te begin. (Today is a good day to start.)

Definition: Tomorrow (as well as Morning)
Ons sal môre die besonderhede bespreek. (We will discuss the details tomorrow.)

Understanding these basic time and date related phrases in Afrikaans will definitely aid you as you venture into conversations with native speakers or travel in Afrikaans-speaking regions. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep using these phrases to improve your fluency in Afrikaans!

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