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Swedish vocabulary for discussing politics and government

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When engaging in discussions about politics and government in Sweden, it is essential to be equipped with the right vocabulary. Below you will find several Swedish terms that will help you understand and participate in political discourse.

This term refers to the government or the executive branch of the state’s political system. In Sweden, the regering is headed by the Prime Minister (statsminister) and is responsible for implementing laws and policy.
Sveriges regering har nyligen infört nya miljölagar.

Democracy, a system of government where the citizens exercise power directly or through elected representatives.
Sverige är en demokrati där folket kan rösta om viktiga beslut.

The National legislature and the supreme decision-making body of Sweden. The Riksdag makes the nation’s laws and decides its budget.
Riksdagen kommer ha debatt om skattereformen imorgon.

The Prime Minister, the head of the government in Sweden. The statsminister is typically the leader of the majority party or coalition in the Riksdag.
Statsministern ska hålla ett tal till nationen ikväll.

An election, a formal decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office.
Det finns ofta flera val vart fjärde år i Sverige.

A political party, an organized group of people with similar political opinions and goals that participate in elections and seek to influence public policy.
Det partiet vill öka investeringarna i förnybar energi.

A politician, a person who is active in party politics or holds a political office.
Politikern mötte sina väljare under mötet.

A vote or a ballot, where decisions are made or opinions are expressed by casting votes.
Omröstningen i riksdagen kommer avgöra lagens framtid.

A motion, which is a formal proposal by a member of the Riksdag or a parliamentary group.
Hon lämnade in en motion om att förbättra de äldres levnadsvillkor.

A committee, often a working group in the Riksdag, specializing in a particular area of policy.
Socialutskottet diskuterar ändringar i sjukförsäkringen.

Proportionellt valsystem
This term refers to proportional representation, an electoral system where parties gain seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for them.
Det proportionella valsystemet i Sverige tillåter en bred representation i riksdagen.

Political parties that are not part of the governing body and oppose or compete with the party or coalition in power.
Oppositionen kritiserar regeringens förslag till ny lag.

A mandate or a seat in a legislative body, earned by receiving a certain number of votes.
Hans parti förlorade många mandat i det senaste valet.

A minority government, which is one that does not have a majority of seats in the legislature and typically must negotiate with other parties to pass legislation.
Sverige har ibland haft minoritetsregeringar som måste söka stöd hos andra partier.

Mastering these terms will give you a solid foundation for discussing Swedish politics and government. Understanding the political structure of Sweden through its language will deepen your appreciation of Swedish culture and society.

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