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Swedish medical vocabulary for health and emergencies

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Learning Swedish can be particularly important when it comes to health and emergencies, as effective communication is crucial. Whether you’re visiting Sweden, moving there, or simply expanding your language skills, mastering medical vocabulary in Swedish can greatly assist you during critical situations. This guide provides you with essential Swedish medical vocabulary along with definitions and example sentences to reinforce your learning.

Definition: doctor, physician
När jag kände mig sjuk, bokade jag en tid med en läkare. (When I felt ill, I made an appointment with a doctor.)

Definition: nurse
Sjuksköterskan tog mitt blodtryck under besöket. (The nurse took my blood pressure during the visit.)

Definition: hospital
Efter olyckan fördes han omedelbart till närmaste sjukhus. (After the accident, he was immediately taken to the nearest hospital.)

Definition: emergency room
Vi spenderade hela natten i akutmottagningen efter hennes fall. (We spent the whole night in the emergency room after her fall.)

Definition: medication
Du måste ta detta läkemedel tre gånger om dagen efter måltid. (You must take this medication three times a day after meals.)

Definition: prescription
Läkaren skrev ut ett recept till mig för antibiotika. (The doctor issued a prescription to me for antibiotics.)

Första hjälpen
Definition: first aid
Alla bör lära sig grunderna i första hjälpen för att kunna hjälpa i nödsituationer. (Everyone should learn the basics of first aid in order to be able to help in emergencies.)

Definition: allergy
Jag måste undvika nötter eftersom jag har en svår allergi mot dem. (I have to avoid nuts because I have a severe allergy to them.)

Definition: fever
Barnet har feber, så vi bör kanske ringa till barnläkaren. (The child has a fever, so we should probably call the pediatrician.)

Definition: cold
Jag stannar hemma idag eftersom jag har en förkylning. (I am staying home today because I have a cold.)

Definition: pain
Han klagar på smärta i ryggen efter att ha lyft det tunga bordet. (He is complaining of back pain after lifting the heavy table.)

Definition: bleeding
Om blödningen inte stoppar, måste vi omedelbart åka till sjukhuset. (If the bleeding does not stop, we must go to the hospital immediately.)

Definition: poisoning
De misstänker matförgiftning efter att ha ätit i den nya restaurangen. (They suspect food poisoning after eating at the new restaurant.)

Definition: burn
Rör inte pannan; du kan få en brännskada. (Don’t touch the pan; you might get a burn.)

Definition: broken bone
Efter fallet bekräftade röntgen att det var ett benbrott. (After the fall, the X-ray confirmed that it was a broken bone.)

Definition: breathing
Hon har svårt att andas, så vi måste ringa en ambulans. (She is having difficulty breathing, so we need to call an ambulance.)

Definition: heart attack
Mannen på gatan kan ha en hjärtattack; vi bör ge honom hjälp direkt. (The man on the street might be having a heart attack; we should give him immediate assistance.)

It is important to practice these words regularly to become comfortable with them, especially if you are in a healthcare profession or if you will be living in or traveling to Sweden. Being prepared with the right vocabulary could be invaluable in an emergency situation.

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